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Thread: Missing Countries in Contact List

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    Default Missing Countries in Contact List
    Still terribly new to this 'beast' , but learning quickly -- so be gentle

    How do I add the missing countries to the Contacts address field?

    I installed | iPhone forums, iPhone hacks, iPhone unlock - Downloads - Preferences patch 1.1.3 & 1.1.4 - All local region "Preferences patch 1.1.3 & 1.1.4" assuming this would add the missing countries in the address field within Contacts.

    Nothing changed. Maybe I've misunderstood the purpose of this download. My searches don't reveal a definitive solution.

    Any help would be appreciated.

    1.1.4 fully unlocked.

    Oops if I posted this in the wrong forum. Sorry.

    ----------------------- 2nd post ----------------------------------

    Here's what I discovered. Preferences adds countries to Settings/General/Regional/Region Format. But what about the Contact address book? No change there

    ----------------------- Solution ----------------------------------
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    With the help / ideas from several threads and forums, I've finally added 3 countries to my Contact/Address database.

    It wasn't too difficult, but did involve some common sense.

    First ... copy the two files you're going to edit to your Windows system with WinSCP.


    add the extension .plist to the file Localized.Strings

    Use the url Convert Apple Property list from binary to text XML link to convert both binary files to ascii (they are both plist) (the newly converted files will be on your Windows system)

    Remove the .plist extension from Localized.Strings

    For the new converted files, add a unique extension (anything). I like adding a .NEW (.NEW2, .NEW3) extension at the very end.

    Use WinSCP to copy the converted files into the same folders as the originals. Note: the ascii versions are significantly larger. No problem.

    Using WinSCP, select ABAddressFormats.plist.NEW, right click and 'Edit'. (Yes, you can edit it. The WinSCP Editor is not a plist editor, but the formating is workable)

    Country entries begin with <key>xx</key>, followed by <dict>, include both a country name and phonetic name (ie: 'China' and 'Phonetic China'), and are about 28 lines long, and end with a </dict>. The very next line after a complete entry is another <key>xx</key> for the next country.

    Note: Countries are listed in alphabetical order using the <key>xx</key>. Make up a 2-digit key for your new country and add it alphabetically.

    I selected a complete entry (appx 28 lines) alphabetically just above/below where I wanted to add and hit Ctrl-C (copy ). I moved the cursor to column 1 on the key line and hit Ctrl-V (paste ). Then I used the two digit country code (like th for Thailand, vn for Vietnam) from here, changed the newly added key to th or vn or ??, changed the country name in 2 places. Done with edits. Close the window and say yes to save (on the phone).

    Do similar edits to Localized.strings. Note, each entry is only 2 lines .... BUT is listed twice (country + Phonetic country). Follow the same pattern. Copy two lines, paste very near alphabetically, edit the names. Close and save.

    Don't worry about converting the plist back to binary .... not necessary. It works fine in ascii format.

    Last step. Using WinSCP rename:


    Do the same to Localized.settings.


    Exit WinSCP. Reboot iPhone.

    If you have any problems, just do the renaming sequence in reverse using the '.originals' and everything is back to normal

    Good luck all.
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