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Thread: [HOW-TO] Set Permission to 755, Fix Apps that crash after installation

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    what are the permissions for th Installer app?

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    I read it and it helped me a little bit but my problem still exist .. See my phone returns to the springboard even when I open Pictures or Camera and everything doesn't do it everytime but once it does it has to soft-reboot itself and every goes back to normal. My phone is just that its not the applications only, once it happens it happens to everything. My customized icons are 65x65 pxl and background is 93kb..i hope the graphics are not too hard or something??? PLEASE HELP this is annoying!!

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    same thing here.. even squid i cant open.. I install, then when I click, goes back to the springboard.. and a whole bunch of programs is the same

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    Quote Originally Posted by Tomer View Post
    thanks :]]
    hopefully it will help people cuz it took me a while to figure it out, i dont use WinSCP or anything and that an easier method too.. so yea..
    Yeah so I'm navigating to the files and trying to hit apply but it just won't work. The apply button wont press. I've tried just tick off what I need to and then exit the program but when I go back the original boxes are checked off. Any idea what's happening? If not any idea how to navigate to the plist file with Mobile Finder?

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    Quote Originally Posted by innevada View Post
    same thing here.. even squid i cant open.. I install, then when I click, goes back to the springboard.. and a whole bunch of programs is the same
    U know guy, I turn off my wallpaper(background) of my springboard and its working fine for me now. Try and let me know.....

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    No work for me
    I tried in SMDS and in Wetool-US and doesnt work

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    Doesnt work for me either. I'm on 1.1.3 and the smsd,caller id,swirly mms,photo swap,send song doesnt work on mine. opens then crashes

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    when i hit Apply it doesnt work (cant press it), i can change the x-s but it doesnt get saved

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    same here ^

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    This is great but i have a problem i get the the last step... When i try to "Apply" its not working

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    Quote Originally Posted by Mikeb301 View Post
    This is great but i have a problem i get the the last step... When i try to "Apply" its not working
    Not much is going to happen when you hit apply. But the application should work

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    No, broomhead, it goes back to its original permissions, i tested it and im uploading a guide right now so it should be up soon (on how to set permissions for 1.1.3/4)

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    I don't find the squid on installer........what is the source???i've started an hour ago...trying to move my applications folder.....all i get are headaches...i cannot run bosstool.....i cannot run nothing on the phone....from where can i download the squid app to make bosstool work???pls someone help....(

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    guys does this work on version 1.1.4, because i tried on mine and when i click apply, it dosn't do anything, after i go back to see if the changes were made, nothing happens.

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    has anybody been able to get this to work on 1.1.4. the apply button doesn't do anything.

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    Well i get the same problem with the apply button not working??? Also tried Mobliefinder app and when i click done i go back and my permissions revert back to the old does anyone have this working or now how to get it to work??? I have tried cuteftp, mobliefinder and squid??? WTF do i do now....please

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    same for me when you tick the x it doesn't save afterwards...please help

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    will this method fix my problem with customize not reading some of what i dl?

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    I have the same problem too, I added back the using Total Commander. Installed Squid and set permissions to execute for all 3 boxes but nothing happens when I click "Apply".

    My camera and photos are still not working although they are back on the springboard. Also, when I go back to Squid again, I see that that all 3 boxes are still unchecked. Tried with MobileFinder, didn't work either.

    Any helpers? I am on 1.1.4 firmware too.

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