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Thread: jailbroke/activated 1.1.2, now phone and sms crash, help me...

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    Default jailbroke/activated 1.1.2, now phone and sms crash, help me...
    this is the fix..

    I know that's what I am supposed to do I just dont know how to do it!

    Please help me this is in chinese for me!

    my phone works, it gets a signal (i used iphonesimfree long ago and it still works with 1.1.2) what doesnt work is my keypad and my sms programs crash.. so i cant make phonecalls or recieve them..

    in summary this is what I have to do.

    In case you are located in a country where the iPhone is not officially for sale. To "fix" this you need to hex-edit AppSupport? and replace an official location with your location. For example if you are located in Belgium then replace "fr/33" (offset 0xA0AC) with "be/32". After this patch MobilePhone? will no longer crash. The two last values on that line are "ISO code" (2 chars) and "ITU phone code" (2 or 3 digits). Open AppSupport? in a hex editor. Go to offset 0xA0AC. Overwrite the two chars "fr" with the two chars of your country's ISO code. Go to offset 0xA0B0. Overwrite the two chars "33" with the two (or three) chars of your country's ITU phone code. (thx Tim ...)

    copy patched AppSupport? back to (overwrite !) : AppSupport? is located in


    3. make Proximus_Belgium?.plist (I used the Orange_France?.plist with plist-editor to create this one after changing data in it for simlink, APN etc.)

    copy it to : /System/Library/Frameworks/CoreTelephony?.framework/Support/

    create the symlink for Proximus_Belgium?.plist :

    go into iPhone with SSH (have BSD subsystem on iPhone!) and issue following 2 lines:

    cd /System/Library/Frameworks/CoreTelephony?.framework/Support/

    ln -s Proximus_Belgium?.plist 20601

    can anybody help me make sens of this

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    how did you activate it?...any way here is the iPhone elite/dev teams fix to it
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    Default sms phone crash after 1.1.2 upgrade
    Iworld from Conceited now in Installer as worked for me running SwisscomMobile sim.

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    I'm from Trinidad and Tobago and our country is not listed among the supported countries. I tried editing it (AppSupport) and it worked. However, I am having a problem with the Caller ID. Any wants to help me out? The carriers here are Digicel and TSTT.

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    hey i am from trinidad and tobago to can u post your appsupport file u got to work i ma getting problems it jus sticks at the alpple loogo

    i have a carrier.plist for tstt
    it can be found here

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