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Thread: Keypad question

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    Default Keypad question
    Hi i just want to start out by saying your forum is very informative...i found a lot of information very easily here on how to use winscp and how the files are named and stored in the iphone, so thank you.

    My question is i downloaded a keypad, Aqwoah to be exact, from your dl section and it said just to add the file named "keyboard-StandardQUERTY.artwork" to the system/library/frameworks/UIkit.framework folder in winscp but when i go there that file doesnt exist so when i added it it didnt work...should it be changed to a different name and overwrite and existing file in the "UIkit.framework folder?

    Thank you in advance for taking the time to read this

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    depends on what firmware you are check your firmware go to your Settings app on your iphone, then to General -> About and look at the number next to "Version", this is your current firmware. if it's 1.1.1 or higher i don't think you can change the keyboard last i heard...chances are if you have to change a filename to get it to work, it probably won't lol

    somebody please correct me if i'm wrong, because i'd like to change mine too lol(i'm on 1.1.4)
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    There are keyboards that work in 1.1.3, 1.1.4 firmware. Just do a search here and you will find them.
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