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Thread: Modifying the Keyboard

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    Default Modifying the Keyboard
    Is it possible to change characters in the keyboard? I'm getting my iPhone here in Denmark this friday. I know I can only use the iPod and wifi, and I can turn off auto correction for when i write in danish, but I really would like to have the scandinavian special characters.
    Is it possible to, say change some of the punktuation keys, I don't care about what it says on the key, but what it types.
    I saw some of the keyboard.plist file and thought that maybe this wa possible.

    I don't know if the characters are in the phone at all. Can it display ISO-8859-1 correctly? If so. It should be possible.

    One the same note, is it possible to replace the auto correction file with one with danish words. I've done this in the past on other smart phones.

    Thanks. Ulrik

    just in case

    the ae combined is decimal: æ html: æ
    the o with a line is decimal: ø html: ø
    the a with small circle above decimal: å html: å

    this are un-caps versions...

    edit: the decimal codes are automatically turned into the letters when i post, so that could be the answer. These should work no matter what typeset is used,,
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    unfortueatly, I don't think anyone has figured out how to modify the keyboard yet.

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    I really wish somebody would!
    Couldn't Dev team get on this as well?

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    Hi Ulrik,

    I'm from Denmark myself - got my iPhone two days ago :-)

    Are you aware of the Danish site "iPhone Blog"? Many great tips for us Danes there:

    Look under section 3 - you'll find the solution for Danish keyboard there.


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