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Thread: How to install "BSD Subsystem" manually on iPhone ?

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    Default How to install "BSD Subsystem" manually on iPhone ?
    Hello everyone,

    This is not easy to explain... to make it short, I am trying to virginize an iPhone that has no more modem firmware or Wi-Fi connexion since unlocking with anySIM 1.1. Since then, I restored and downgraded back to 1.0.2 but without being able to get back the Wi-Fi/phone features. And the modem firmware is still blank in General=>About.

    I have placed the virginizer_pack in usr/bin/ (iPhone) and I am able to launch the script but, unfortunately, the BSD Subsystem is not installed and the script stops because it needs it.

    And since Wi-Fi is out, I cannot use Installer to install BSD Subsystem automatically on the iPhone. I downloaded the "BSD Subsystem 1.5" folder but I don't know how to install its content manually.

    So far, I've used iFuntastic to drag and drop files and folders from my Mac to the iPhone directory and it works fine. But can anyone tell what to do with all the files in the "BSD Subsystem 1.5" folder that I have ? Where should each be placed ?

    I am not a computer engineer so, please, try and explain as if I was a kid !

    Thanks for your help !

    Benjamin (in Paris)

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    my question to you is where did you find the bsd files? are they on this site?

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    Default BSD Subsystem to download

    You can download it from here :

    Hope it helps !


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    Default how
    i'm trying to copy these over manually with iPhonebrowser (only thing that will work) but i get permission denied on the /usr/bin/login how can i fix it?

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    download ibrickr if you have access to a windows pc


    thats will help you find and install BSD Subsystem and many other apps the easy way you can also intall the so you can get files later over wifi
    Eric's iPhone 4 4.01 offically unlocked

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    Default Doesnt work
    iBrickr doesnt work for me, at the downloading stage of an app, a windows error pops up saying that iphoneinterface.exe died, send error report etc. iBrickr just hangs there and does nothing.

    Only option is seems is manual install. Since I have no Wi-Fi, corrupt IMEI and secpack etc. it's iPhucd.

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    Default neo have the same prob...
    i am trying to manually instal the bsd subsystem too, so i can eventually try to reverginize the phone.. have u tried ifuntastic??

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    try this
    download the PXL file then use the ibrickr to install to you iphone. The ibrickr application does not work now.

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    i got my phone back to 1.0.2, now i can't update my install app as it says mixmatch file size, therefore i can't install BSD or other app, to revirg. my phone. i would like to know how to do this manually as well.

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    I am trying to get installer to work but I can't set the permissions properly unless I have the BSD subsystem which is supplied BY installer. This is so frustrating lol. Anyway I have the BSD files too and I have no idea what to do with them...

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