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Thread: real SSH to your iPhone

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    Default real SSH to your iPhone
    all credit for this goes to NerveGas from #iphone irc chat channel over at, anyway, what hes done is bascially open up ssh on the iphone which will then open it up to remote access and upload of more shell commands and 3rd party apps, you can ssh in from any mac terminal

    Original Page

    Working SSH Instructions by NerveGas

    Previous instructions on the net have required the use of restore mode to set
    binary permissions. Unfortunately, restore mode doesn't work with all public
    versions of iPhoneInterface I've tried. The instructions below work by
    overwriting an existing binary on the system with chmod, and then calling it
    with the appropriate arguments to set permissions. The result is a fully
    functional SSH setup. You can then proceed to uploading your own world builds,
    or other programs to execute via commandline.

    Step 1: Key Creation

    On your Mac or PC, download dropbear from here:

    Run: ./configure && make

    You don't need to install the software, just run:

    ./dropbearkey -t rsa -f dropbear_rsa_host_key
    ./dropbearkey -t dss -f dropbear_dss_host_key

    And copy the two new key files into your iPhoneInterface directory.

    Step 2: Uploading dropbear and friends

    Download the iphone-ssh kit and the iphone binaries kit:

    Rename sh6 from the kit to sh.

    Use the jailbreak application to break out of jail, and then open
    iPhoneInterface to connect.

    mkdir /etc/dropbear
    cd /etc/dropbear
    putfile dropbear_rsa_host_key
    putfile dropbear_dss_host_key
    cd /bin
    putfile chmod
    putfile sh
    cd /usr/bin
    putfile dropbear

    Step 3: Overwriting 'update' with 'chmod'

    While still connected to iPhoneInterface, make a backup copy of

    cd /usr/sbin
    getfile update

    Rename this to update.original on your local filesystem

    Now copy the 'chmod' binary to 'update' and upload it back to the

    cd /usr/sbin
    putfile update

    Step 4: Overwriting the update configuration

    Now the 'update' binary is really 'chmod', and has execute permissions! We
    just need to tell the iPhone to chmod next time it boots. To do this, we
    download /System/Library/LaunchDaemons/ and add our
    own arguments to ProgramArguments:

    0 /usr/sbin/update
    1 555
    2 /bin/chmod
    3 /bin/sh
    4 /usr/bin/dropbear

    Save the new plist and upload it back to the iPhone:

    cd /System/Library/LaunchDaemons

    While we're here, lets also:

    putfile au.asn.ucc.matt.dropbear.plist

    Step 5: Reboot the iPhone twice.

    The first reboot should set the permissions on the dropbear and related
    binaries. The second reboot should start dropbear, so you can ssh to it:

    ssh -l root [IP ADDRESS]
    The root password is 'dottie'.

    Step 6: Replace the original update and files

    Don't forget to put the old update files back. Rename update.original back
    to update, and delete the extra ProgramArguments you added to Now put them back:

    cd /System/Library/LaunchDaemons

    cd /usr/sbin
    putfile update

    Step 7: Change the root password

    If you don't like 'dottie', you can generate a new encrypted password
    by running:

    perl -e 'print crypt("MYPASSWORD", "XU");'

    Where MYPASSWORD is the new password you want, and XU is a random two-letter
    salt. Copy the encrypted output and replace the existing one in
    /etc/master.passwd on the phone.

    You're done! Enjoy!
    after running into so many walls its not funny, i decided to give up for now... this whole process requires a mac/linux box with compiling tools. Any mac users out there wanna give it a shot? I will try to make a windows version of this or at lesat find programs that can replicate these commands for windows
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    whats the point

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    Default the point would be
    I think the point of this exercise if all worked well would be to be able to shell in and modify files without jailbreaking everytime. You could just ssh in and mod files, then reboot.

    saving a lot of time and possibly opening the possibility for some secure ftp type programs as well if they got that running.

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    Quote Originally Posted by fdot View Post
    whats the point
    If your not excited about this I think your in the wrong place.

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    very interesting, now to get to the next step, ssh client on the phone that i can ssh outbound.

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    I've only done jailbreak once on my phone. The first time. other than that I just go into iphoneinterface and mod away. Remove and replace. havent had a problem yet...

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    yes i know the point i actually spent most of yesterday trying this and i was the irc all day talking the dev crew

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    can anyone post an update of the kinds of advancement or tinkering you've accomplished using this very smart hack...whoever came up with this had their thinking cap on. Wondering where people are going wit it.

    Thanks and have a nice day.

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    Try this, just run the batch file and it dos it all for in in Windows...

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    ive read so many tutorials and im still confused, winscp isnt working for me, i did ssh install and it went through, putty times out - yes i put in password and ip perfectly. terminal icons where are they? and what does it do, someone help me out lol pleaes
    Hit Thanks!

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