First I'd like to thank all those who have helped and donated their time to making this device available to all with plenty of options and apps.

I'm wondering if I can "lift" the keyboard about 30-50 pixels upward on the iphone when it is in portrait mode.

Why, well I got my phone wet and have managed to disassemble, dry, put the firmware back on and unlock it again. Everything is working now except that the bottom row on some of the keyboard screens is not working that well.

ie. in the "email a photo keyboard" while in the subject and recipient line the bottom row barely works but is able to get number pad and @ to work.

all the other keyboards either one or two of the bottom row works or none work at all

i realize moving the image up will not do, i would have to move the sensor template up as well for that particulary keyboard image

ultimately i know i have to replace the touch screen if i want to get this to work right but i may be able to save the money if i can raise the keyboard just slightly to an area that the touch function works fine

i'm only missing about 5-8% of the bottom of the touch screen

any help would be very much appreciated

also you can see that it is totally possible as Nikotalkie does this exact thing with their "talk" button when typing someones address in to send a voice message

thank you and happy modding