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Thread: iPhone 4S (7.0.4 JB) creating alot of CrashReports

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    Default iPhone 4S (7.0.4 JB) creating alot of CrashReports
    Since i upgraded to 7.0.3 my wifi became greyed out.
    And i noiticed now that my iphone is creating crash Reports and its takes alot of the memory ,
    The iphone created 49,000 crash CrashReports (!) and he keep doing that , he creats a crash log every secend .

    I managed to stop is temporarily by deleting the logs folder (that located in /var/logs) but after a while the 'logs' folder recreated and starts creating crashreports .

    What can i do about it ? I tried restore but it disnt help , please help me its takes alot of the memory (it reached 11.7GB)

    *sorry for my english

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    It is always good practice to google for issues before upgrading your firmware as Apple is a "genius" when it comes to releasing bug free firmware. The problem you mentioned is widespread among 4S users. To my knowledge, the 7.0.3/7.0.4 update overheats the wifi chip on the 4S and the only solution is a replacement. The problem is that most 4S users are out of warranty and Apple wants them to pay for replacements (200$ approx).
    Apple f@#ked up as always... not even bothered to recognize the issue and send out a statement.
    Users aren't allowed to downgrade their firmware either (If at all Apple does allow it, I doubt downgrading will help cuz of the permanent hardware damage.)

    This is gonna be my last Apple product. F##k you Tim Cook for destroying almost everything that Jobs created... first the f**ked up 5C and now iOS 7!

    If you want to read more on this issue, search the Apple forums. There are many solutions (almost none work) and some of them are really really bizarre... like throwing your iPhone 4S in a freezer which have worked for some but I would strictly advice you against doing something stupid like that... lol! I'd rather throw a lawsuit at Apple... fag*ots!

    You best option is to fight it out with the nearest Apple Store "geniuses" for a free replacement (if you are out of warranty) or wait it out till 7.1 in March-April.

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