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Thread: [Open Source] Set Up Your Own Personal Cydia™ Repo, In Under A Minute

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    Hello ModMyi! I'm writing this as a long-time reader, first-time poster.

    I've created an early Holiday Present for anyone else who runs personal/small-time Cydia repos, and I hope everyone who fits into that category will find it as useful as I have in the few days that it's existed. It's a web-interface coded with PHP (with the help of HTML and CSS, of course!) that allows you to create and maintain a repository pretty darn easily—let's just jump right to some screenshots.

    I am completely serious when I say that the setup takes less than a minute (for a moderately experienced user, I suppose). The entire process is composed of downloading a folder, uploading it to your server, making sure everything has the right permissions, and finally, visiting a URL in your browser.

    Full-size image at

    That's it! At this point, you can start uploading packages, which will be immediately available on your repo in Cydia.


    Here's what the interface looks like after setup is complete, and once you're logged in, of course:

    Full-size image at

    And when adding a new package:

    Full-size image at

    Every change to the repo automatically regenerates the necessary files, so users who open Cydia after you add a new package will see the changes as soon as the app reloads (here's a screenshot from my own phone of my test repo, immediately after the screenshot posted above).

    Currently, the interface allows you to upload a .zip of your new package (with or without a control file—if you don't include one, it simply presents you with the fields shown above), view the packages you've uploaded, and delete ones you no longer need. I'll be adding more features pretty consistently, but again, the whole thing's open source, so if you'd like to make your own changes to share, that would be fantastic!

    If this sounds like something you'd like to use or test out, you can download the working source from its GitHub page and give it a shot. Just copy the "repo" folder to a linux-based (for now!) web server (you can rename that "repo" folder however you like), then visit the "repo/setup/" page in your browser to get started.

    That's really all there is to it! Let me know if there are any wandering questions (or, if anyone ends up using this, if there are any feature requests).

    Other than that, as a new user, I'm just going to poke through some of these smileys.

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    Default Stuck on setting permissions to begin the setup
    Hi, I've set the permissions of the directories and files to 777 and when I begin the setup, it says that setup cannot continue till the permissions are set to 777. I don't know what I have to do
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