Hello everyone,

Iphone 3g 4.2.1 5.14.04

I jailbroke my phone yesterday and had a little too much fun with it. I installed ultrasnow to unlock my phone, resulting in having "no service". I've read enough posts to recognize that i should have been more careful, but i didn't think the consequences were this bad. I can't seem to find a fix beside this one, which I'm not really willing to do because I don't want to risk losing GPS service due to bb update. How To Fix iPhone 3G No Service After Unlocking

Anyone have some advise on how to fix this no service problem? I don't even care about the unlock. I just want to be able to access jailbreak with service.

Troubleshooting that has not worked so far:
-restored to factory settings - this got the service back
-Jailbroke - service was lost again
-toggled airplane mode
-removed SIM, reset settings, toggled airplane mode,
-SIM works on my girlfriends non iphone phone