Warning! I am pretty much a noob, so please be kind and speak slowly!

I've had my iPhone since Jan & a friend jailbroke it for me. I finally got the courage this past weekend to upgrade to 4.1 and run limera1n myself so that I could end my tethering. Yay! I did it sucessfully, although my pkgbackup didn't work, so now I'm downloading a few of the Cydia apps that didn't make it thru the re-jailbreak. One of the first ones I went to get was SBSettings, but I downloaded SBManager by mistake. For whatever reason after doing that it hid a bunch of my icons, that I couldn't unhide until I got SBSettings. Since I don't need SBManager, I would like to remove it, but I can't. It is not in the Cydia list for downloads (I reloaded Cydia before getting SBSettings, because Cydia was one of the hidden icons) and it doesn't offer up an X for me to remove it like a normal iTunes app. I have searched Cydia, ********** and the web for a general uninstaller, but can't find anything of the sort. I do have iFile, but have no clue if I can go in there and remove it.

So, can anyone help me uninstall SBManager or point me to an Uninstall program I can download?

I would greatly appreciate any help.