Hi, I am a new poster so be gentle, it's my first time!

I have placed this post in the Cydia section as MyWi is now on Cydia, even though everything else regarding MyWi is over in the RYiP area. If it needs moving, mods should feel free.

As the title suggests I am having some issues with MyWi. That is not to say it isn't working, because it is. This little app is simply fantastic and 99% of the time, I cannot fault it. I have no trouble connecting, both with my iPad and my laptop, and it consistently does what it says on the tin.

With one exception.

For some reason, that I simply cannot fathom on certain sites (lexisnexis being the prime culprit) certain page elements do not load on any device connected through MyWi. It has to be MyWi because when the iPhone itself access' the site using the same connection it was sharing, it displays without issue, and I have never seen the error before in any situation, either at home on a strong wifi signal, over 3G, through free cafe or hotel connections, anywhere, on any device. Only when they are connected to the internet via MyWi, and the problem is identical across several different devices

On the website I mention, the issue makes the entire site unusable as it is the navigation elements that are failing to load( (if anyone knows the site it is the toc elements down the left hand side that are failing to load, and also the page navigation, the ubiquitous forwards back, 1 2 3 4... page selector at the bottom does not work either). If it were any other site, I probably wouldn't complain as it is a really minor problem, however, being able to use this site anywhere is the reason I jb my phone and installed (and paid for) MyWi in the first place. If I can iron out this issue, then with only my phone, iPad and a bt Keyboard I am a mobile legal researcher whose back is not broken by horrifically weighty legal tomes.

Please help.