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Thread: Tetherme misery!

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    Default Tetherme misery!
    iPhone 3GS running 4.0.1 perfectly since it came out.

    MyWi worked perfectly in trial, but read about Tetherme and decided to try it first- after all $2 seems better than $20 and I always use USB.

    Bought and installed Tetherme, and SBS Tethering into Springboard. So far so good. Rebooted. Fine.

    Enabled SBStethering to green. Internet Tethering appears in iPhone 3GS Networks and allows me to turn it on, and gives option to enable via USB. OK. Shows up in my Networks pane on MacBook Air- but no blue bar, and gives error- "Either the cable for iPhone is not plugged in or the device is not responding."

    Nothing works and despite hours of searching there appears to be NO true support or primer anywhere.
    Are there any answers or even a place to contact the developer? I have spent hours trying- only to find NOTHING!

    HELP! Please...

    EDIT: Forgot to add that it was jailbroken via
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    Default Tetherme
    Usually, I have to run iTunes before it will switch to tether mode when using USB... Don't know why, but it works for me.

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    Trying again.

    48 hours and almost 300 reads and NOBODY knows how to contact the developers for support? I don't expect perfection for $2 but I do expect an app to work, or to be able to contact the developers for support. Of course I was also hoping for an answer to the issues I described from somebody who actually got this thing to work on a similar setup/phone. TIA.
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    I have the same set up as you and it works fine me. I didn't install MyWi though. Maybe it left behind something that conflicts with Tetherme.

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    Thanks for the suggestion CaptainChaos. We actually do not have the same setup however- I tether to a MacBook Air, no windows anywhere in my path.

    But without a way to contact the developer (really???) it is impossible to determine this- unless others have experienced the same failure.

    Unless I can get some satisfaction- and by that I mean finding a way to contact a vendor that is perfectly willing to take my money but evades any reasonable method of finding a way to contact them- I will be forced to- on principle- dispute the charge. This gives aftermarket apps a bad name.

    Cydia and Saurik have been of no help (no response) whatsoever.

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    Bump. Does ANYBODY perhaps have a tech support contact for CIRDAN & SBINGNER or a support forum location for Tetherme???

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    Old thread, but seeing as mobile hotspots are gonna become standard, I can see tetherme becoming a very popular native option soon, so might as well explain it here for people who don't know.

    I also recently bought tetherme, switched on tethering and, nothing...
    After a bit of research you see that as it currently stands, you need to have files installed that install along with itunes for windows computers to recognize the iphone as a usb modem. (It worked without extra steps for my mac with SL)
    Fow windows, download itunes and either install it or extract the ApplicationSupport and MobileSomethingSupport MSIs and install them in that order. Your tethering should work then.
    Make sure you use the newest verion of itunes. I tried it first with and old 8 install that had the files, but it didn't work.

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