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Thread: Cydia Error(Seems to be slightly different)

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    Default Cydia Error(Seems to be slightly different)
    I've had an ********** issue recently where once I click "Download" or "Install" is brings up the download screen but never downloads. I decided to check and update my ********** but once I clicked my Cydia app it started loading data but gave me an error stating the following:

    Error: Refreshing Data
    GPG error: xena
    Release: The following signatures were invalid: NODATA 1 NODATA 2
    Fail to fetch,/Packages.bz2 Sub-process bzip2 return an error code (2)
    Some indez files failed to download, they have been ignored, 
    or the old ones used instead.
    Now, I know this is similar to other errors recently but I'm getting a different site and only one instead of multiple.

    Also, after I click "Okay", I get stuck "Reloading Data", "Loading Data", or just crash.

    I've used iFile to delete files from/in private/var/lib/apt/lists except partial folder within, no success in fixing my problem.

    Anything will be helpful, thank you in advanced

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    Have you tried Cyfix to get rid of the bad URL?

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    Cyfix ? I don't really know how to mess with all the iPod things so I'm kind of ignorant to all the errors and fixes.

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    Cyfix will definitely be a good technique to try to get rid of bad URLs. Here are the steps:

    1. Make sure you have MobileTerminal downloaded to your iDevice.
    2. When you have MobileTerminal, go to Cydia and download Cyfix.
    3. Open MobileTerminal.
    4. Type in "su root" and then press "return."
    5. Type in the password: alpine (note: the characters you will be typing will NOT show up on the screen) and press "return."
    6. Type "cyfix" and press "return."
    7. Type the bad repo URL (note: the http:// is added for you at the beginning, so don't type http:// again. Also remember to type the repo URL accurately and put a "/" at the end) and press "return."
    8. Wait for Cyfix to Erase, Eliminate, Exterminate, and Extirpate the bad URL.
    9. After this is complete, it will advise you to respring your device before launching Cydia for best results. Do this and your bad repo URL should no longer be a problem when you open Cydia after this process.

    Note: MobileTerminal and Cyfix can both be downloaded if you add the free"Mod edit, repo removed" repo to Cydia.
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    I can't access Cydia .

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    That is definitely a big problem :P

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    I have the same problem, but on top of that mobileterminal crashes every time i open it

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    What's up??
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