I keep getting "Failed to fetch" errors for Apple, iPhone & iPad Forums | ModMyi.com, en.bz2 and Packages.gz, all as Bad URL. And Cydia would exit by itself while Reloading Data.

I have SSH'ed into the phone and ran:
dpkg -configure -a
apt-get update (displayed Bad URL error messages)
apt-get install cydia (says I already have the latest)
apt-get upgrade (says I have nothing to upgrade)

but that did not resolve the issue.
So I went to /var/lib/apt/lists and removed everything except for the partial folder. Now, Cydia won't exit by itself, but still get these Bad URL errors.

Anybody know what is up with these bad/missing files? I have a second iPhone, and it can load up Cydia without any errors.. so I'm sort of confused why one device has issues but the other does not.

Thanks in advance.