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Thread: Jailbreak Security Question

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    Exclamation Jailbreak Security Question
    I went to the website on 9/16 with my 3GS iphone running 4.01. After it completed, I configured the repository and I downloaded MyWi 4.0. Everything worked great.

    On 9/17, I executed an update to one of my existing apps, "scanner," for free, but I had to enter my itunes password. On 9/18, I had 6 unauthorized credit card charges on my credit card I have linked to my itunes account. The charges occurred in Woodbury, NJ at Wal-Mart, Macy's (3), HH Greg and a restaurant at the Mall where Macy's was for a total of around $1000.

    Luckily, my cc company caught it immediately and notified me.

    Iíve changed my itunes password, removed my cc info, and my cc is now canceled. However, Iím trying to figure out how this canít be related to my jailbreak activities. The timing is too coincidental.

    Can anyone shed some light on how this could have happened? Are there any similar stories or advice?


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    U got mywi from repository? That repo has a lot of virus-like apps and I would stay away from it. Also, if u got mywi the illegal way then that's the problem, the cracked mywi is known to be a virus. Jailbroking does not have any security issues. It's what u do after u jailbreak that can be dangerous.

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    We don't discuss piracy however I do know the cause is unlikely by hackulo. It just doesn't add up with those kinds of charges.

    In-store charges in those large amounts, usually somebody has obtained the card. I don't see how you can go to a restaurant with a credit card number on a piece of paper and expect them to say "ok no problem". If that's not the case, I'd say it's a coincidence. Your credit card info somehow got loose. Can't say how but mine got stolen once too. I don't know how as I'm so careful but I'm guessing a keylogger or some sort of info gathering spyware, so perhaps you contracted something on your comp without knowing. I sure didn't know until after someone bought coffee for $40 online. Luckily, I caught it before they could use it more and got a new CC.

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