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Thread: Cydia repo problems

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    Default Cydia repo problems
    Hey, at first I figured this was just the bigboss repo going down, but upon trying to update something in Cydia i'm hit with an entire list of failed to fetch, consisting of, several bigboss/repofiles
    multiple files, multiple sinfuliphonerepo files, same goes for files, repo666 (basically problems with all the sources I have)
    there's about 30 in the list, can I assume this is a problem on my end? it was working fine and the last thing I did that was considered major if at all was download and install the NineHD theme, any ideas?

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    Dont be offended, but sorry we cant help in regards to piracy. Hackulo, Sinful, and insanely contain hacked material and by forum rules we are not allowed to discuss.

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    Oh okay.. I thought EVERYTHING that you got on Cydia was "hacked" hence why Apple dislikes it, my bad, new to the community ...
    How about Cydia just not loading up? I get an Error: Cached Failure on the top of the screen and I can rarely load the front screen?
    A few of the entries on other screen mentioned a large amout of Cydia / stuff

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    "Hacked" and "Cracked" are entirely different things.
    Sinful iPhone and ********* contain cracked versions of apps you have to pay for.
    We do not help in things piracy.
    Try to delete all those repos and see if the problrm persists.

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    People around here take piracy talk badly (probably worse than app store devs) because creating the jailbreak community and the apps that drive it, despite Apple's efforts, took a lot of work. I'm not a dev, but I wouldn;t say it's an exaggeration - having been a user since the early 2.x days, I can appreciate what people have done. Don't hate them for that; this isn't anything like the RIAA or MPAA who arguably deserve to lose money (and aren't losing any anyway).

    That aside, I've had the same problems with modmyi and BigBoss's repos, to the point where I actually made a thread asking for mirrors yesterday. It's been like this for weeks, and I really do wish they'd get them sorted out, cause this is getting ridiculous now.

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