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Thread: Just unlocked with Cydia, springboard crashing

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    Default Just unlocked with Cydia, springboard crashing
    Hi and thanks for reading..I just jailbroke/unlocked my iphone 3g (running the latest software update from Apple) using a purchased download from ziphone. After going through it all and installing a cycorder and mywi apps (as part of an additional app package I purchased), the springboard is crashing every time I fire the phone up. I've tried multiple restarts and reboots/power-offs, etc but it's not recovering from safe mode.

    After some searching, I see many people are fixing this problem by removing the last app they installed prior to the crash. I have no idea what caused it because all I've done is install Cydia and those two apps, all of which I paid for from ziphone, and if I can't have the apps I guess I'll have to get a refund.

    What can I do to fix this?


    Still having the springboard problem, but I also just read something about ziphone being bad software. I really don't know the relationship between it and Cydia. I'm new to the whole jailbreaking thing. I'm ok with using what I've got if I can get it running correctly, but did I get taken for my $46 by shady software?
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    Unfortunately you probably have been taken for a ride. It is free to Jailbreak and also very easy using redsn0w. Follow these steps to get a working Jailbroken iPhone.
    - Download this:
    - Download this:
    and put it somewhere you can find it easily in case need it again at another time.
    - Restore with iTunes to get it back working properly again. Don't bother syncing everything back on yet unless you want to wait till it's finished to jailbreak.
    - Close iTunes, leave iPhone plugged into PC and switch iPhone off.
    - Unzip the redsn0w file and run it.
    - Click browse and go to the 4.0 firmware you just downloaded and just follow the instructions given in redsn0w.
    - Untick the boxes next to multi-tasking and user wallpapers when given the choice since they are not necessary and slow the 3G down way too much.

    After a while it will say that the rest is done on the device and you can close redsn0w now. After a couple of minutes it will reboot and will be ready to use.
    Start Cydia and wait till it has done eveything it needs to the first time. It will close after this and now you just start it up again and go from there.
    First things you should search for and install are: Winterboard, Five Icon Dock, SBSettings, Ztoggle (so you can enable/disable iPhone default multi-tasking and see how rubbish it really is), Backgrounder, AptBackup and Rock (Just like Cydia but much faster)for the days when Cydia is too slow to be much use. Then check out the themes to find one you like.
    Also, if you want to unlock your iPhone so it works with any phone company, click on manage at the bottom and then select sources. Go into the source and install ultrasn0w. This will then require a reboot and after a couple of minutes you should get your signal back and it will now be unlocked. If your signal never comes back just open up cydia again and go to manage, packages, go down to ultrasn0w and select it then press modify, uninstall. You shouldn't need to but you never know when something may go wrong.
    If it is all working, open the AptBackup app and press backup. Next time you sync with iTunes it will store a list of all installed apps as well. That way if you need to restore and jailbreak again, you just install AptBackup first and then press restore. This can take a while and may not look like it doing anything but it really does work and is much quicker than going and looking for all your apps again.

    You can do search for Cycorder and MyWi 4.0 and install them through Cydia. They are both free apps.
    Install Cycorder first and exit cydia to see if it causes any problems. Open up SBSettings by swiping your finger across the status bar at the top of your screen (this may take a few tries to figure out) and then press the small respring button.
    Then go back in and install MyWi 4.0 which also installs Intellistatusbaricons with it. Keep a note of these extra apps installed with others in case of safe mode loops during startup. Respring again if cydia doesn't make you after the install. This way if it causes crashes, just start cydia while still in safe mode and uninstall MyWi and Intellistatusbaricons.
    All this and it doesn't cost a cent.
    Good luck.
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    Wow $46...

    You should never pay for a JB or unlock. The only reason I find it the least bit ok to charge is if someone IN PERSON does it for you (not send softwares and crap) just cuz youre scared to mess your phone up or scared you cant fix it. Even then it shouldnt cost more than $10-$15 for labor.

    Be careful next time. Do some Googling before dishing out $46 for some crap software that doesnt even work right like the real FREE thing.

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    True, you should never pay for a jailbreak. Websites like ZiPhone count on people not knowing that the same thing can be done for free. All they do is gather a bunch of software that other people developed and released for free and then they sell it without making sure the user has the right versions of the software needed. They usually offer very little, if any, support after getting your money.
    Back in the days when Jailbreaking wasn't necessarily legal they could get away with it. These days it is 100% legal and you may be able to get your money back or report them for false advertising or something.

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