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Thread: 3G Unrestrictor - iPhone 4 + FaceTime compatible ?

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    Question 3G Unrestrictor - iPhone 4 + FaceTime compatible ?

    3G Unrestrictor 2.3 not working with FaceTime on iPhone 4 iOS4.1?

    I've tried it with IsDirect flag on and off. No joy. I switch to WiFi, FaceTime works great.
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    1. Add the "Phone" app to the list of unrestricted apps.
    2. In the list of unrestricted apps, tap the blue arrow next to the "Phone" app.
    3. Turn on "Enable IsDirect flag".
    4. Tap Home to apply the 3G Unrestrictor settings. Also, manually quit the Phone app (double-tap the home button, tap-and-hold on the Phone app in the switcher bar until it wiggles, tap the red minus).
    5. FaceTime over 3G should be good to go!

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    they just released a new version today. 2.2 i believe... works great... better then my3g, because no rock is required. also my3g didnt work with youtube.

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    yep, 3G Unrestrictor works great. Well worth the $3!! I highly recommend it over My3G.

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    just updated 3G Unrestrictor to the latest version, running iPhone 4 iOS4.1, but it is not working with FaceTime.

    FaceTime just hangs on "connecting" and doesn't connect. As soon as i switch over to WiFi, Facetime works like a charm.

    I've tried 3G Unrestrictor with the IsDirect flag on and off.

    Anyone having the same issue?

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    I'm was having this issue and the dev is working on it. Currently the dev is in Japan so bad timing but I have a beta version that works not sure what's taking so long to release

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