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Thread: Cydia starts but shuts back down

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    Default Cydia starts but shuts back down
    ANy help is greatly appreciated.

    I have read all the post regarding this issue and everyone says to access the local file system and delete cetrain files. I cannot seem to get this done.

    I jsut JB my phone with Spirit and tried to start cydia to configure my sources and it won't load.

    I have tried iPhoneBrowser and it does not show any of the directories mentions to delete the files. It says it cannot find the directory and to check and see if my phone is already JB'd?

    I have used Spirit on several of my other 3GS phone with no issues.

    I have also done a complete restore and then run Spirit again. Same issue. Do you have to sync any apps before running Spirit, i have seen some posts saying that but not sure.

    Also I am fairly technical but this is kicking my arse. Brining my "Skillz" into question

    Thanks for any help!

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    I assume you have new bootrom?

    If you have your SHSH's saved on Cydia you should downgrade to 3.1.2 then rejailbreak!

    Search 3gs downgrading here on ModMyI

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    Finally got it to work and figured a few things out in the process. Special thanks to my buddy Kris who is a true propeller head!

    It turns out I had a few issues hopefully by my post here it will save someone a minute or two.

    iPhone 3G
    Itunes 9.0
    JB = Spirit (Downloaded 6/9/2010)

    First Issue:
    Right after JB'n the iPhone Cydia would start and then shutdown in 3-5 seconds. I saw many posts (from Dec 2009) where people had the same problem and deledting some system files from the Cydia App dir resolved the issue.

    During the JB i noticed the "progress bar" inthe spirit app would only get about 50% before the iPhone would reboot. I deal with software developers ALL day long and there could be aa million reasons for this many of them would have no impact. This time is did... see my reason below.

    So I decided to take that path. I loaded iPhoneBroswer to do this. But issue @ surfaced LOL

    Second Issue:
    Could not see "private" root files (I think that is what they call them) (e.g. /var/...) to do this! Another symtom is that if you use iPhoneBrowser many of the menu itesm "question you if your phine is JB?" Someone called this "jailed" condition


    First Issue:
    I downloaded a fresh copy of spirit.exe from (This was another fiasco. McAfee said it had a trojan virus in it and blocked. I jsut turned it off for the download.... but only after ti called my buddy Kris to verify)

    I then told iTines to resotre 3.1.3 and let it completethe process including a COMPLETE sysnc. Then using my recently downloaded spirit.exe I ran the JB. it completed including the reboots and NOTE on the funky progress screen it COMPLETED.

    After a complete sync Cydia launched with no issues. #1 SOLVED

    Second Issue:
    Could not see "private" root files - after some digging I found an article that explaind the problem. spiritjb.exe don JB the iPhone but it does not install the required service to see the "private" system filies. The AFC service can be installled via Cydia after the spirit.exe JB so it is really no big deal UNLESS you cannot get cydia to load. Like ME LOL

    I am a bit embarrassed to say I spent two evenings researching and trying different paths.... I jsut listed the ones that worked.

    I do not normally post on these board as I do development application support 60-70 hours a week and the last thing I want to do is do it for fun! BUT in this process I realized the solution was very logical and easy the main problem I had was getting the right information. I spent a bunch of time in the weeds because of my second issue.

    I truly hope this helps someone


    iFunBox Development Blog Archive Quick fixup for iPhones Jailbroken by Spirit

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