Hi, I recently installed the trial version of iAcces 4 English for OS 3 and the trial period had finished. I then stupidly uninstalled iAcces by deleting the icon from the springboard (I have CyDelete installed which lets me delete jailbroken apps like you can delete normal apps). Now whenever i use the keyboard the globe/earth symbol is still there next to the spacebar and when i press it it says English US on the spacebar for 2 seconds and disappears and when i press it again it says English UK. Although its not a major problem, it still gets on my nerves that this globe/earth symbol is taking up space. Is there anyway to get the original Keyboard back? I've tried reinstalling iAcces and uninstalling it (the normal way - through Cydia) but no luck. I even tried replacing the .artwork files with the default keyboard in /System/Library/Frameworks/UIKit.framework but this causes the globe/earth symbol to change to some other icon and causes the shift key to be pixelated. I hope someone out there could help me with this. Thanks.