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Thread: 3.1.3 Firmware But Cydia Reports Depends >= 3.0

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    Default 3.1.3 Firmware But Cydia Reports Depends >= 3.0

    I am trying to get sqlite 3.x installed on my ipod touch 3gen.

    Cydia always reports that "The request modification cannot be applied ..."

    In the grey "Depends" box it says "Firmware >=3.0" This despite the fact that I am running 3.1.3 with Spirit JB. The 3.1.3 firmware is reported by iTunes, the About on the ipod and Cydia itself acknowledges that this device has 3.1.3 SHSH on file.

    Urghh ... any suggestions?

    Thanks so much for the help.

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    I had a simular problem with an app which I knew was definitely compatible but was "Dependant" on "firmware=3.1". This may be of help to you if you can understand what i'm talking about:

    SSH Client for PC (WinSCP)
    OpenSSH for iPhone/iTouch (Cydia or google)
    the .deb file of the app you want to install (google or cydia crawler)

    SSH login as root into iPhone
    put the .deb file in the directory "/private/var/root/Media"
    next open a terminal window ("Ctrl + T" in WinSCP)
    run the following command replacing xxx with the name of the app as it is in the deb filename:

    sudo dpkg -i --force-depends-version,depends,bad-verify,breaks,conflicts xxx.deb
    This will force the package to be installed even if it thinks it cannot. This is obviously only if you know for SURE that it is actually compatible.

    But i now have a new problem...

    cydia now wants to keep removing it saying:
    "This package has become incompatible through an update."

    So I have to keep running the above command every time I use cydia...lame

    Anyone else know a work-around to either problem?
    Should I start a new thread?

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    Default Restore to Fix
    Sorry to bump and old thread, but just thought I would clean up the issue.

    Eventually, I did a complete restore and then did a fresh jailbreak and install from the ground up. That fixed the problem, but it seems an extreme solution.

    Good luck!

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    Fascinating... didnt even knew i have an account here lol

    Anyway... i just repaired an iphone where someone deleted a lot of apps, including cydia and some apps,
    which he shouldnt even see. I came across the exact same problem with the depency, but installing "preferenceloader"
    thru cydia solved it. I installed it thru a third party app, which you find if you search in cydia for "preferenceloader".

    Thought i post my solution incase someone comes across this problem and finds this thread


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