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Thread: Cydia Error (Cache Fail, Host Unreachable)

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    whats up with Cydia, i cant reach it or its so slow and times out. I have wifi and nothing, takes forever to download the past couple days wont connect anyone having problems.

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    Quote Originally Posted by jotei66 View Post
    Thanks aceross - this worked for me. I simply deleted using ifile - deleted all as explained above (leaving partial intact) and immediately shut down iPhone, restated and opened cydia - error messages gone! ;-) thanx again
    wow good for you..i did the same but when i went back to cydia..i get the same old cache error and host unreachabl;e stuff =(

    edit: gettin tired of this ****, deleted all the files as per the instructions i pasted here..rebooted the touch(yes im using touch 3g 32 gig) opened cydia and now i get multiple errors: cache file error, host unreachable, 401 not found, cant be my wifi as youtube can play well, and safari works.....

    what happens is somehow when i delete the files and open cydia, those deleted files not even sure a restore and re-JB will help anyone???
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    Already deleted all the files in /root/private/var/lib/apt/lists/ except for the partial subfolder, I am still getting this error for weeks now:

    Is there any way to fix that?

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    Quote Originally Posted by eyePH0NE View Post
    Already deleted all the files in /root/private/var/lib/apt/lists/ except for the partial subfolder, I am still getting this error for weeks now:

    Is there any way to fix that?
    there's fix for that on the it or search the site

    edit: here: [ame][/ame]

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    Sorry, forgot to mention that I had already tried that - without success...

    Any other idea?

    PS: No need to fully quote my posting...
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    I have been getting this error too.

    I think its a problem with Cydia, because Rock is working fine.

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    mine is fixed..i went to the mall with a stronger reception..and it all worked out...strange coz my wifi in my room is strong enough to play youtubes but cant even download 50 "KILOBYTES" in cydia???? wtf

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    what exactly are essential updates?

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    Default Same Problem
    Ive been having the same problems as aceross23, only it doesnt work anywhere i try it. Ive tried deleting everthing in /private/var/lib/apt/lists and rebooting, but they just come back and i still have the same problem. Ive tried reinstalling cydia many different ways, but nothing works. Any ideas?

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    Thanks aceross23! This worked perfectly!

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    I too am having the same problems with ALL repo's.

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    I am having the same problem, JB with Spirit 3gs. Cydia keeps downloading package and then error cash failure.

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    Cydia keeps downloading package and then error cash failure

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    me 2 except i added the source and i rejailbroke my ipod touch to firmware 4.0.2 and get the same err from and when i first added source there was nothing in the source so i think its something with the source

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    I had the same problem, i fixed it by deleting the lists AND deleting my router from my iPhone AND deleting my iPhone's IP Address from my router.

    Hope it helps.

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    Default Ditto
    Quote Originally Posted by gheo View Post
    i have the same problem only mine is an ipod 2g firmware 3.1.2
    Mine is an iphone 2g with 3.1.2 firmware and I have the same problem @ cached failure etc. BTW, I thought the essential upgrades were for firmware 4.0 +. Wouldn't I lose my jailbreak if I were to go in for an upgrade?

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