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Thread: Cydia crashing repeatedly on 3gs

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    Angry Cydia crashing repeatedly on 3gs
    I bought a 3gs specificly because of the super hardware overhaul (like most people) but this is making me SO effing mad because cydia (and really only cydia for me) apparently likes to raise my blood pressure and crash while I'm queueing (queuing?) files and I have like 3 to go, which would be understandable on a 2g or 3g but I have statusbar memory enabled so I can see how much it has in realtime and it crashes when there's 120 mb left!!! Are you kidding me!?!? wtfbbq! So is there anyway to fix this bs like somehow alotting it more memory with some app or some secret combo of backgrounder plus 5 other apps to trick the os or something?
    By the way, why haven't we found a way to disable the autokill especially for 3gs's? How long is that gonna take?

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    Cydia was working well for me for at least a week until a minute ago and it is now crashing my machine too.

    But I can tell you that you have installed something there and cause a software conflict. I have been playing with this damn Apple iPhone 3GS for 2 months now. I could have gotten couple strokes by the blood pressure it raised.

    It will take a more than a day to tell you stories of these arrogant Apple SOBs.

    Now. 1. Restore your phone with iTune. Everything will be wiped out.
    2. Jailbreak with blackra1n.exe RC3 and follow instruction carefully.
    3. Install Cydia
    4. Install Rock, install Push Fix

    See if your Cydia give you problem at all.

    Now install your software one by one and don't do batch installing like I first did. When it went to endless "safe-mode", you don't have a clue which one cause the problem and have to restore the machine again. uninstall

    I didn't see any problem until I installed Cyntact. By that time, I already have 159 apps installed and I couldn't figure out which one cause the problem. It is tough to get every apps lives happily with each other. Software is software, regardless Microsoft or Apples, enough of them in a same machine, some problem go to crop up. Live with it and take lots of Valium or get a 10 pound sledge hammer and smash all the PC, cell phone and anything that takes software programming. That may include your flat-panel TV and BlueRay player.

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