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Thread: No buttons working and touch screen not responding

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    Default No buttons working and touch screen not responding
    Hey all,

    I hope someone out there can help me with this. I've searched for 6 hours straight now and can't find anyone else with this problem much less a solution.

    I have a 16g 3G running on 2.2.

    Went into Cydia yesterday and got multiple errors. Had to reboot the phone. Didn't try to go back until this morning.

    Checked the weather forecast on the phone this morning and paid a bill via the Chase app, and all was working fine. I then went into Cydia and all was great there as well. In fact, it said I had 6 upgrades to existing apps. I checked what they were and was excited to see Vwallpaper and Skrewcommon updates along with the Cydia installer, mobile substrate and two other things of which I forget now. I did the update all thing, confirmed it and it proceeded to install these things.
    Upon respring the passcode lock screen came up (normal) but the screen didn't respond to my touch. I can touch the screen but nothing happens. Plugged into a charging source and the beep sound went off as usual and it showed the "slide to unlock" slider. Again, the screen didn't respond. Neither of the buttons work either. After about 30 seconds of seeing the slide to unlock screen, the iphone goes back to sleep mode (black screen.) Besided plugging in and unplugging to a power source the only way I can the screen to come back on is pushing both home and sleep buttons and holding them for about 30 seconds. It boots up to the apple logo and stays there for a long time (4-5 minutes.) Pretty long reboot that I've never had before. It finally enters the "enter passcode" screen but again, the screen doesn't respond.
    I know the phone is asleep and not off, because when I call the number the vwallpaper ringtone video plays. I try to slide to answer but the screen doesn't respond.

    Has anyone had anything like this in the past or now? I sure do need some help. Thanks!

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    If your familiar with SSH perhaps you could try removing vWallpaper and SkrewCommon, that may be the issue. You may have to DFU and restore to get a fresh phone then re-jailbreak.

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    Does iTunes see the iPhone over USB? Does DiskAid?

    I had a similar experience, not nearly so bad, though. Updated to new Cydia (1.0.3044-65) and Mobile Substrate (0.9.3043-1) on my 2.2.1 3G. Afterward Cydia could no longer refresh the repository database (many "http fail" errors), and the error dialog would not respond to the touchscreen. Logging in via SSH (thank you wifi!) allowed me to kill Cydia and regain touchscreen control.

    I also found that patching the Cydia bash script to not add the "--substrate" flag allowed Cydia to work right. Moreover, Skype with VoIPOver3G no longer works. This suggests a fault with Mobile Substrate.

    You may have some overriding package that uses Mobile Substrate that causes the problem. If you have SSH access, try removing Mobile Substrate ("apt-get remove mobilesubstrate" or "dpkg -r mobilesubstrate").


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    Thanks for the replies guys.

    Yes, Itunes and Touchcopy see the iphone when connected with USB. I don't have DiskAid so I dont know about that.

    I'm currently trying to SSH into it but keep getting connection timed out. Running a tracert to the iphone's ip address is getting the same.
    Stupid question, but is that because the phone is in sleep mode? I have no way to keep it on since the screen wont respond.

    Interesting note I found about earlier this afternoon. When the lock screen appears, I can tap the screen on the battery and the "bar gauge" and they both respond. SBSettings numeric battery and numeric bar go off and on as I touch them. Just wish the rest of the screen would respond.

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    Quote Originally Posted by 72mc View Post
    Yes, Itunes and Touchcopy see the iphone when connected with USB. I don't have DiskAid so I dont know about that.
    If touchcopy allows it, try deleting the file


    then reboot. I think this will disable Mobile Substrate, where I think the problem lies. You can install an update when saurik releases one.

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    Thanks again for the quick reply. Using Iphone Tunnel Suite I was able to remove the file you suggested. Rebooted the iphone and still having the same thing. I honestly thought that's what it was as well and was even hesitant to download it when I saw it in the Cydia updates this morning. Thanks again for the help.
    I'm going to try to delete the Vwallpaper and Skrewcommon stuff and see if that does anything.

    I went back in and took out the MobileSubstrate.dylib again and also took out the mobileSafety.dylib. Rebooted and it got stuck in a reboot mode. Apple logo while rebooting, bright flash of white then reboot again. I just put the files back and getting the same as before.

    I appreciate all of the help offered for my problem. Just to give an update. I finally gave in and restored the phone. I wanted to upgrade to 3.0 anyway, so thankfully I was able to tunnel in and save some stuff prior to doing so.
    Still not sure what caused it all to happen, but I'm going to go back and try vWallpaper and Skrewcommon again to see if it repeats. Will update yall if anything negative happens.
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