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Thread: Terminal Froze while installing openssh

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    Default Terminal Froze while installing openssh
    Hi. I'm very worried and hope you can advise me. I was installing the OpenSSH program on my brand new 3Gs because it had such prominence on the Cydia page that I figured it's what everybody does. I want to be able to use my iPhone as an external hard drive.

    I was following these instructions. I got to step 6 successfully. Was I supposed to type the word "run"? I hope not, because I didn't. The Terminal spit out a long string of goblety gook and a stern sounding warning which I ignored because I figured the nonsense was crypto keys and because step 8 of the instructions said to accept whatever came next. As hoped, the terminal asked for a password (step 9), but was frozen. No amount of waiting nor typing could get it unfrozen. I turned it off and then on again and tried to go through the process again, but nothing happened. "Operation timed out"

    Now I'm very worried (I don't like using the terminal) that I might have broken my computer somehow and/or made my iPhone vulnerable to attacks.

    I read that I might be able to connect to my iPhone using Cyberduck, which I happen to have, but I have no clue how to do so. The instructions I've found so far have been impossible for me to understand. I tried clicking on "open connection" for sftp, then entering the iphone's ip address, port 22, username: ssh root, password: alpine, but that didn't work. Operation timed out.

    Please give me a clue.

    UPDATE: I figured it out! Using Cyberduck:

    Click "Open Connection"
    Protocol: SFTP
    Server: iPhone IP address
    Username: Mobile
    Password: Alpine

    Thanks guys!
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