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Thread: Why does my Cydia never work?

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    Default Why does my Cydia never work?
    First iPod Touch: got it in Beijing, the guy jailbroke it, had cydia, i installed anything I wanted, SSH'd into the iPod and changed permissions so that I could drop a cracked all into itunes, and it would auto install.

    Upgraded to 3.0, couldnt jailbrake at the time, just used it normally.
    I tried to change the permissions and stuff, but nothing ever worked so I gave up until now.

    I just got a iPhone 3G, the guy had OS3 installed, wiped it for me, fresh.

    Couldn't use the 3.1 Firmware to Jailbrake, all the programs (Red, Ultra, ipwn) didnt recognize it so I got a 3.0 FW and JB'd it with pwnage tool.

    In cydia I installed Ultrasnow, it seems to be unlocked, in that it can read my chinese sim card as china unicom.

    I install SBSettings, (along with other sources) and I can put my finger on the battery logo and signal logo, and it will pop up and I can turn off this and 3G and that. but when I click more, it opens SBSettings, I see a menu pop up for half a second and then the program closes. I've read something about this, and for me in the past it was when trying to use a cracked app on a phone that didnt support them or something.

    I've restarted 5 times and reset the SB a few times also.

    I installed a program through cydia, **********, and I get 'can't find executable' errors when I use that.

    I installed a few other programs through Cydia, if It is supposed to put an icon in my main screen, it dosen't. I still have the default icons.

    My 5 Icon Dock thing messes up and groups the icons to the left.
    Am I retarded? Is there something I'm not doing here?
    Jailbreaking is the most confusing hardest thing I've ever done with ipods it pisses me off so much no one ever has a guide that wasn't written by a 5 year old.

    I'm on OSX.
    Will SSHing into the ihpone and changing the CHMOD of those 'folders' (the ones listed in the guides) let Cydia install stuff/do it's thing?

    I installed boss prefs, but there's no icon in my main page, (I'm sorry, I really forgot the name of the 'tabs' of apps on the iphone screen) there's no icons for anything I installed. In Cydia, it says I DID install those programs, and I even re-installed them all and nothing happened.

    Should I try to upgrade to 3.0.1?
    If so please give me a step by step guide, word for word, guide on how to do it lol.
    It sounds to me like I need to chmod some things. I just need some opinions before I install XP to do that.
    Also is there any other way than that one SSH program thats only on Windows?
    That program works half of the time if that.
    I want my old stuff back, 2.2.1, my awesome themes and unlock screens, custom sounds, custom programs, I had everything modded.

    EDIT: I just downloaded 'facebook' off the app store, and i can't even open it, it just closes the instant it pops up...
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