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Thread: Theme FOR Cydia

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    Default Theme FOR Cydia
    I have been trying for a bit to get a theme to work on cydia.... For some reason the themes will not apply to the cydia application... I was wondering if anyone could tell me why and/or how to fix the issue

    I'm running 2.2.1 software not sure if that makes a difference

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    there was a theme for cydia that i liked. the buuf theme.

    try downloading it and seeing how they filed it and then just stick your images in similar folders.
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    I have tried that but for some reason none of my themes will apply to cydia..thats the issue
    i have a couple different themes for cydia in winterboard but they will not apply

    Actually my custom keyboard doesn't even show on cydia either it all just stays stock

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    Cydia just had an update which added the Store, so I would assume it's the update. I noticed this too when I installed this amazing theme: Matte iPhone UI v1.1 by ~kediashubham on deviantART

    So my guess is that Cydia changed its folder from "something.cydia.something" to a different name.

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    Yeah I assumed that may have been the problem

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    Nope, this is a deeper problem... not really sure why, but i have tried to theme cydia through bundles and folders. for some reason it will allow me to mod the "Default.png" and the icon, and nothing else. It will not even recognize the UIImages (keyboards, loaders, etc) its like cydia wont recognize it. This is all on my 3g iphone 2.2.0 fw. And i know i am using correct wb format, cause it will theme on my 2g iphone 2.2.1 fw. So i used to think it was firmware related. but i am hearing pple with random levels of success theming cydia on all different kinds of fw's, so im not sure what i causing this... Especially strange since ud think the creator of WB wouldn't have any problem making his other apps compatible with it, lol. I have also noticed this same thing with Saurik's MobileFinder app as well... weird.

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    I just recently made my own firmware with pwnagetool and winterboard pre installed and my themes worked on all apps ..... BUT when i started downloading things from cydia and had used some memory of the phone it stopped working all the sudden.... Your right though its some kind of deeper problem, maybe with the apps bein relocated or maybe in winterboard.... I dunno but it makes me angry that it was working and isnt now...
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