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Thread: Cydia Repository Errors - "Cached Failure" & Nodename not found

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    Default Cydia Repository Errors - "Cached Failure" & Nodename not found
    As many of you have discovered recently, some of Cydia's repositories are throwing up varied error messages.

    This seems to have coincided with the 2.21 upgrade/jailbreak. Is anyone having this issue on any other firmware versions?

    It may be that the repositories arent meshing with the new jailbroken cydia installer as ive seen some repository upgrades push through over the last few hours that has fixed the individual repository error.

    For example, iSpazio was not updating, but now lists are refreshed after a repository Upgrade. Hopefully this is all that is required and we can get back to downloading lost apps.

    Although, afterthought - im still getting errors but this time is "Http:// Forbidden"
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    I'm still on 2.2 and have not upgraded and I am getting the same error messages too.

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    The http forbidden thing was a problem that a lot of people had with iSpazio when they were updating, but it shouldn't be too bad now. As for the nodenames, i get those randomly, when the repo's down, or when wifi drops out for a sec.
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    I'm getting errors for ispazio and zottd consistently, has been happening for the last 4-5 days.

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    I am having the same issue with cydia and I am on 2.2 however.. I did use the new quickpwn to re-jailbreak my phone because I fudged up something when I had jailbroken it prior and it was working find except for the ispazio repository.....

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    I'm getting those error messages too, and also
    "Error: cached failure"

    Only since the recent update of cydia

    This is a shame because I've had nothing but praise for cydia since it was launched
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    I still get an error on ispazio and i can't get clippy!

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    i am still having the same unreachable cached failure..cant find i cant download anything

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    I cant access iSpazio. Anyone know of a fix??

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    Quote Originally Posted by Mp3Supply View Post
    I still get an error on ispazio and i can't get clippy!
    here you go

    unpack with dpkg -i

    Attached Files Attached Files

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    Exclamation .
    i'm using iphone firmware 2.2 and i've experienced the nodename cache failure error thing when i try to download ispazio apps. i realy want the emoji one if anyone can help me i'd really appreciate it plzzz

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    I have same problem and i dont know hoe to fix it

    Edit: I fixed that remove all ispazio sources and you will have workable cydia.
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    everything seems to be working after the ispazio upgrade.
    i still get random cached and nodename erros, but much less frequently. I've managed to redownload all my lost apps.

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    Same "cached failure" problem!!!

    Really don't know what to do to fix this...

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    Quote Originally Posted by Profete162 View Post
    Same "cached failure" problem!!!

    Really don't know what to do to fix this...
    Yeah, me too. Kind of sad.

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    im having a different problem then the ispazio repo. My cydia downloads packages but wont update the change list. Should i delete the ispazio source?

    and where is it located for ssh?

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    i'm getting the cydia cached failure everytime i start it.

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    yea im getting the cached fail error and cannot connect to host problems? can anyone suggest a possbile fix? i did jail break for the first time yesterday "before" i installed apps from the apple store and i didnt get these problems, i had to rejailbreak cause my iphone wouldnt boot after i installed winter board, then today i installed a few apps from the apple store and im getting these error messages

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    the best bet is rejailbreaking wont erase data

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    Quote Originally Posted by milankundera View Post
    i am still having the same unreachable cached failure..cant find i cant download anything
    I'm having the same problem with iphone 2 G running 3.1.2

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