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Thread: Install Cydia from Installer ?

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    Question Install Cydia from Installer ?

    My brother has a 1.1.4 iphone 2g with installer installed.

    Can he install cydia via installer - I presume entrering a source for sydia might work.

    Note - I do not want him to have to have to do a full restore + pwnage to get cydia - if possible.

    Thanks ColinK

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    why not just update to 2.2 1.1.4 is way old school. i dont even know if you can jailbreak that without having to restore. with 2.2 you could simply use quickpwn to install cydia but im pretty sure you cant do that with 1.x plus most of the packages wouldnt work i think????
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    Thanks for the suggestion. The phone is in another country,it is already jailbroken with Installer installed.

    I would prefer not to risk my brother ending up with a locked phone. Will update to 2.2 when I see him.

    I want to install cydia via installer if this is possible.

    Thanks ColinK

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    well you can but its really hard cuz you have to go into the quickpwn folders on your computer and then find cydia and then ssh cydia into your phone and that should work but it might give you an error and if it gives an error in cydia I will have to let you know further instructions.

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    Thanks for the guidance. My brother is not into SSH and he won't take the risk of bricking the phone, even if it is temporary.

    So it is: Install cydya via Installer or wait until I get the phone.

    Thanks ColinK

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    Your on the 1Gen iPhone?

    Just upgrade it so your bro can use appstore too.

    There's so many cool things.

    Just go to 2.2 it's near impossible to brick a 1st Gen, and if you do it could easily be fixed because it's been out for so long.

    The 3G on the other hand....

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    If my brother 'just upgrades it' it will be locked and his non original sim will not work and he wont be able to install cydia -am I wrong?


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