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Thread: Help! Safari broken after Cydia update 9-25

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    Default Help! Safari broken after Cydia update 9-25
    1st Gen Iphone with 8GB
    Apples 2.0 software

    Current functionality with regard to safari web browser:

    1. Touch "Safari" icon on spring board-->brings up empty browser frame

    touch magnifying glass icon, bookmarks icon, multiple pages icon and they all work.

    Choose an actual web page through any of the above methods (touching on a bookmark, searching for something in google, or typing in a url) and Safari crashes and the springboard comes up.

    HOWEVER, links to web pages through other apps seem to work

    2. Touch "Cydia" icon, and the welcome to cydia pops up, with a hyper link to Jay Freeman. Touch "Jay Freeman saurik" and his web page pops up, and all links within the webpage work.

    Not sure what to do next:

    I have "hard rebooted?" the phone by pressing and holding down the thin button on the top edge of the iphone, sliding the 'power off' button, and then turning on again by pressing the thin button again.


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    I've encountered the exactly same problem, yet I cannot find the solution anywhere...

    I browsed this forum thoroughly and found a bunch of threads dealing with the same issue:

    But it seems that none of the proposed solutions ever worked.
    What's even more strange is that restoring from backup never solved anything either.

    My personal experience is the following:
    I fully updated my 3G iPhone to the newest version (2.2 at this time) and the jailbroke it using quickpwn for windows. Everything worked fine, until after like a week Safari stopped working in exactly this way. I tried restoring from backup, but it seemed like the backup was made AFTER this has happened. I cursed at the timing and did a full scale restore...
    After than Safari obviously worked. I strongly believed that it was caused by some app, so I was very cautious not to download too much junk and only what I really planned to use. I also always checked whether Safari is working before backing it up.

    But then it happened again. I said to myself - thank god I was careful with those backups! But restoring the backup didn't help at all. Strange, isn't it?

    If anyone has any solution, definitely post it here.

    But otherwise, the best thing I could come up with is to do another full scale restore and use iPhoneBrowser to copy the content of the folder MobileSafari, so that I can just replace the files next time this happens. But honestly, this already cost me so much trouble that I'm unsure whether I shouldn't just NOT jailbreak it

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