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Thread: WoW, and Iphone 3G Tethering

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    Default WoW, and Iphone 3G Tethering
    I really didn't know what thread to post on for this question, so I apologize if it's not the right forum. I haven't found any solution on google so maybe this will help someone else who wants to know the same thing. Okay, so I've been using Iphone Modem with my Mac, and I get a decent speed over Edge connection. I live in the country where the is no chance of wifi, and satellite is too expensive. I've been using wow2go to try and get wow to work through tethering, but I can't quite figure it out. Can anybody give me detailed instructions on how to get it working, if it's possible. Or maybe even instructions on a better way to do it. I'd really appreciate it. Thanks

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    OK i got it finally worked out, for all you wow nerds who want to go away on holidays far from your home ethernet connections and still want to be able to hang out in wow land. (like i do)

    You need the iphonemodem (the free one cydia) and a program called Proxifier (its not free but it does have a 30 day free trial)

    STEP 1: follow the steps in the iphonemodem setup for tethering your iphone to your mac.

    STEP 2: In proxifier you need to add a proxy using the proxy port and address the iphone modem assigns when it creates the modem connection. You can find this information in Advanced network settings and then click on the proxies button. on mine it was port 9999 using SOCKS v 5.

    Also make sure name resolution is set to ENABLED
    and loopback is set for the range.

    Both of these above settings can be found in proxifier under options.

    STEP 3: Log into wow and think about how awesome i am :P

    this worked for me. If you have any probs let me know and I can try and help you work it out. I am not a super tech head.. Most of what i worked out here was from trial and error and fluke....Also i don't know for sure if blizzard are happy with us using a proxy to access our wow accounts. if anyone does know this for sure pls let me know.

    HAVE FUN!!

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    Default Awesome!
    Thanks Treeml. I can't wait to get home and try it out. I'll let you know how it goes! Peace :-)

    Holy poop... It actually stinkin' worked! Something finally works for a change lol. Treeml you're a genius man! A+++++ Now I can be a nerd on the go lol. Thanks!
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    great to hear! press my thank button :P

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    If your iphone is jailbroken with Cydia, try PdaNet, no need Proxifier.

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    So, this would be impossible if u dont own a mac ?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Jesse1854 View Post
    So, this would be impossible if u dont own a mac ?
    Impossible? I assuming your question refers to jailbreaking.... right?

    It's easy as pie. Both a Mac and a Windows versions (QuickPwn) are clearly posted here and a hundred other sites. Go for it

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