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Thread: Cydia Updates - Mail Prefs

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    Default Cydia Updates - Mail Prefs
    I finally gave in and update to 2.0 the other day and then ran all the Cydia updates. When I tried to setup mail the mail app just kept crashing back to the springboard. I tried accessing the mail prefs via Preferences and that also crashed back to the springboard as soon as hitting the mail prefs.

    I restored, ran Cydia, installed the TZones hack, let Cydia perform all of its other updates, and once again I was left with a crashing mail app. I tried the typical owner/permissions fixes on mobile/Library to no avail.

    Next try I restored the phone, setup my mail, ran Cydia, installed the TZones hack, the did all of the other Cydia updates. Mail now works fine but the mail prefs still crash.

    Checked a friends phone and they're having the same issues after the latest Cydia package updates. Mail works fine since it was already configured before Cydia updated but the mail prefs are still toast.

    I restored one last time, setup my mail, ran Cydia, installed the TZones hack, but skipped all the other Cydia updates. Now my mail and the mail prefs work fine without crashing.

    I'm not energetic enough to go through one by one and figure out which default Cydia package update is doing it, but obviously one of them is killing the mail prefs.

    Be warned... and if you've encountered it yourself and have any idea what all you updated before it died... let the rest of us know. If you've updated Cydia with all the latest updates but haven't tried to access your mail prefs lately give it a try. I'd suspect that this stretches to more than just the two phones I've checked.

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    Just to inform you that i had the same problem, the usage prefs crashed back to home screen as well. However after installing the two essential upgrades (cydia & bossprefs) in cydia today the problem has been resolved.

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    Just confirmed the latest updates do in fact fix it on a friends phone.

    Love it when things fix themselves.

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