No more waiting for Cut and Paste! Easy and intuitive to use.

To use:
1) Press-and-hold to start Clippy on text.
2) Press-and-hold on the keyboard's "123" button to start Clippy on editable text
3) Tap-pause-and-drag to highlight portions of editable text (except in web pages)

Settings are available via the standard iPhone settings App.

- Cut, Copy, and Paste from/to TextFields, WebPages, TextViews, SMS/Text Messages, and more!
- Stack feature allows for a clipboard across all applications
- Quick Dial function allows you to highlight text and dial (ie, from an SMS)
- Scroll to Top or Bottom of Web Pages, or long text message conversations quickly
- Manual Override Profile by holding down the home button and pressing up and down on the Volume buttons.
- Custom settings in the standard iPhone settings App