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Thread: Help With eBay Problem...

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    Default Help With eBay Problem...
    I recently sold an unlocked iPhone on eBay. It was 100% working as I've tried both a T-Mobile & AT&T SIM card. On the auction, I specifically stated not to update the software through iTunes or else they will lose the ability to have the phone unlocked and use 3rd party applications. They guy who bought my iPhone says the iPhone doesn't activate (I suppose he was trying to activate through iTunes) and called Apple for technical support. He restored his iPhone because Apple told him to do so and now he's complaining that it's no longer working(bricked). I would have happily refunded his money if he didn't restore the iPhone to 1.1.1 and brick it. Who's in the wrong? What should I do? Thanks.

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    he bricked it he bought it

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    usually, I'd show mercy, but the idiot restored the phone, knowing it was unlocked. I say too bad. Hopefully he doesn't screw you on feedback, but I would say the $$ you made would be worth the hassle of neg. feedback.

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    Yeah..."He bricked it, he bought it" is right.

    In my Ebay ads I always put a "do not upgrade firmware or it's your problem"-type message is huge letters to reference should something like this arise.

    If he drops negative feedback, hammer him're in the right here.
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    You are fine in this situation. He bricked it after you specifically told him not to update the software. I have had 3 complaints about this already and they have all filed paypal complaints and I won each one. As long as its in the description your fine.

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