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Thread: Why I switched from iOS to Android

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    Default Why I switched from iOS to Android
    I've had an iPhone for 3 years and an iPod since 2010. Way back then I remember when the jailbreaks were super fast and the exploits were fast to find also. I jailbroke my iPod with a 1 click jailbreak on 3.1.3 can't remember the name. I installed so many themes and fell in love with the custom UI, Lock and unlock sounds with a windows theme. I bought many themes and had many tweaks. It was really cool and I enjoyed it very much. I was always jailbroken and never worried about what features Apple was going to have in the next update because I was jailbroken and could install anything that I wanted. Years went by and I couldn't use my iPod when it wasn't jailbroken. I purchased my first iPhone which was an iPhone 4. I went to the store and bought one. That night I jailbroke my phone. I had fun with it for 2 years. Got the iPhone 5 and jailbroke it. Heard about iOS 7 and saw the keynote. I saw that the whole UI changed and I knew that themeing was dead.

    Well I updated to iOS 7 because I thought jailbreaking might be able to solve the ugly UI and boring iOS. There were people saying how you could only theme the icons, keyboard, lockscreen, and battery. I jailbroke and started using themes. Paid 4 dollars for a theme made by Surenix with the icons themed. It was a waste of money. Themes were selling for 3 or 4 dollars because of icons. They were considered "complete" themes. To me complete themes are the ones from ios 3 to ios 6 where everything was themed. But I knew paying for a theme was great because I supported the developer and I knew everything wasn't theme but I went ahead and bought Surenix's theme. I did buy a bunch of tweaks and that got old super quick. I got bored and went on iOS 8

    Apple finally gave us quick reply in freaking 2014! You would have to jailbreak for that before. NO customization which is horrible. It's 2014! Even if you jailbreak you still can get the icons changed, keyboard, some UI changed, and you have to download other tweaks to get things to theme which looks horrible if you are on a theme. Predictive keyboard comes in 2014 with freaking 3rd party keyboards! Oh and you finally get the option to see how much battery is being used by an application or a feature.

    I switched because I got annoyed with how much Apple is behind on these things. Hopefully the iPhone 6 kicks ***. I just wish that Apple was adding tons of a new features to their software or adding features that are already out like quick reply back in 2010. I still love Apple but they are still behind.

    iOS and Android are great systems but they both have their downsides. It just depends on your personal preference and I hope I didn't offend anyone but I just wanted to say my opinion and hey I might buy an iPad soon.

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    poor boy! I would never change to Android.

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    I think, being open minded in this situation helps out a lot! I've played with all devices and both iOS and Android bring unique styles to the table. While I believe iOS is far more superior as a a robust, sexy, clean OS, android is far more superior in terms of options, variety and control of your device with not much limitations.

    Both have positives and negatives and the quicker you learn to respect both the faster you'll move on
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