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Thread: How to change carrier ?

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    Default How to change carrier ?
    Howdy folks,

    I'm going to Thailand in a week. I want to try using the iPhone there. Have International roaming enabled already.

    yeah, yeah, yeah... its expensive to roam internationally but there's no way to unlock the iPhone SIM yet.. so what am I to do.

    Anyway, in Thailand there's 3 cell GSM carriers available.

    How can I choose the GSM carrier I want ?

    iPhone Manual and AT&T says go to iPhone Settings and tap CARRIER to change/choose but I don't have this option in my Settings.

    Please advise. Anyone. Thanks.

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    Hmm. I don't have that option either. Anyone see that?

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    I think it meant that you can only choose those settings when NOT in an ATT network area.

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    that would be horrible if you cant choose it. makes it not a great business tool

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    Don't use your Iphone over there and you don't need to change anything cause it will switch you to the strongest signal carrier depending where you are at. my advice to you leave it on airplane mode unless you have $$$ to burn. Oh BTW, My bill was $241 for using 10974kb of data while in Thailand. Oh, you'll see TRUE instead of AT&T on your IPHONE.

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    Its going to be super expensive to use data over there, unless you have deep pockets call ATT and disable your data plan. You will still be able make and recieve call but at least you won't get hit with a thousand dollar phoine bill.
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    I'm sorry ,I've never been that case before.

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    Hey people,
    If you are planning on a trip abroad and thinking about taking your iPhone with you after you have had the roaming feature activated.

    Take a look at this link first;

    What you need to do, is go to Settings/MailMessages-Auto-Check and make sure that it is set to MANUAL.

    Now, those high charges are true for Mail and Safari Web user beware...until some TRUE roaming service is made available.

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