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Thread: Does anyone trust ebay?

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    Default Does anyone trust ebay?
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    I have been using Ebay since it started. I buy almost everything from ebay and hardly ever walk into electronic stores etc lol. So much easier from the desk.

    I bought my iPhone from ebay and it was perfect. Just check the users rating, email the user, etc. I trust it.

    - Dana

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    yea why not he has 100% feedback
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    Yeah ok.
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    #1 - he only has 19 feedback and who is to say those weren't from buying 99 cent recipes? They are too old to check.

    #2 - there are too many people hijacking accounts to sell iphones right now, history of delivered phones means everything.

    #3 - I don't buy high dollar items from anyone under 45 or so feedback and even then I am nervous.

    As far as buying iphones on ebay...... You better be good and dang sure they are brand new because there are too many querks to a downgraded phone with a lot of files that are not properly restored including the baseband. Most people are selling their downgraded phones to buy new ones and if it is used, it is likely a downgraded one. So it's not a good one to buy.

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    I've had more than 20 auctions sell this month with no problems except 1 unpaying buyer

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    yeah...that auction is legit...thing is.. i dont deal with au money... so i didnt even bother doing conversions..just checked the auction out..if your from australia then ur set..

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    Yeah I trust ebay, I have been buying and selling here since 2000 got good and bad experience from sellers getting fraud. But, as long you used paypal you'll get your money back. with this guy having 100% (19) feedback, you are probably 90% sure that this guy is a legit. 10% for unsure since the guy using AU money instead of U.S. since he is from United States, well he's location indicated that he is.

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    I don't; got ripped off once on there for $35 & that was enough for me, never again. The person had 100% rating.

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    I say do your research,
    and if you're not sure in any way,
    don't buy it,
    there will be a better deal for you.

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    Give Craigslist a look, that way you can do face to face transaction and you just might be able to talk the seller's price down.....

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    As long as you are smart about it, eBay is a rather safe place to make purchases. My family has an eBay business, so I have plenty of experience with it. Just make sure you check feedback. Always look at the last 6 months and any negatives, read them as well. Use common sense and good judgment.

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    Use payPal to pay for it.

    Anything goes wrong you get $400 back in your pocket. *if applicable.

    Thats what keeps me safe - Easily create your own Cydia Repo.

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    PayPal can be really nice,
    and a pain in the butt too.

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    Yeah i guess but only if they have paypal.
    Iphone Love... I dreamed of a iphone before it was out..

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    I hate ebay, i had a lot of bad experiences with them.... If you buy someyhing from their so called PowerSeller and the item is #$%@ uppon arrival ebay will not move a finger for you but if the seller is not their so called PowerSeller than they take action.. very unfair.

    I created a website that i launched today for apple users: its completely free of use.
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