Hey everyone! This would prolly be my first post but ive been here for a while! Anyways ive been fiddleing with the Adobe Flash Installer for Mac on my PC. Not much luck as most of the files in it are readable by Macs only and I only have PC's =/

So I managed to extract the files from the '.dmg' and tried editing some stuff only to find some are coded/encrypted (the files I could open in windows).

Im not a programmer so I have NO IDEA what im doing, so I came here to see if you guys with your Macs and Knowledge could come up with some things.

I noticed some files resembled the ones on the iPhone in
/System/Library/Internet Plug-Ins/
But noway to edit in any way.

So lets see if MMI is the first to "Flash" The iPhone!

Download the .zip
it has the original (.dmg) and the extracted.

Password: mmi