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Thread: Where the eck is Loring Studios?

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    Default Where the eck is Loring Studios?
    Hey guys. Sorry If I haven't been checking my messages. Really busy with work and in the midst of it all, the computer that contains ALL of my MMi stuff crashed. Yes its done. Fried the hd. SO. its out for repair and extreme data recovery.
    I can only hope they fix it all.
    All old themes are gone... Except whats on my installer already. And I plan on removing some of those depending on how the recovery goes.

    BUT. when I get that computer back its gonna be better. So expect new things. In the meantime... I'll catch you all later when I get it back!
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    good luck with the recovery.. I had one crash on me not to long ago which was unrecovereable.

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    hurry back

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    Man that sucks! I'm so sorry, I feel your pain! Some of my best photos are on an unaccessible laptop HD, which I still have...

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    It was a PC, wasn't it Loring?

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    I have people requesting some of your themes and I have them all in my phone. I installed them all. I will archive them to a computer (or 2) just incase you need them. Let me know if it's ok to share them or not...
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    Yes please archive and set up a repository. I am in desperate need for his Transparent and Colored Transparent icons!


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    Unfortunately I have damaged my iPhone's software and will have to restore it. It just keeps looping the Apple logo, then the Springboard for a few seconds...
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    Unfortunetly I have dammaged my iPhones software and will have to restore it. It just keeps looping the Apple logo, then the summerboard for a few seconds...
    that is a shame.
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    Lorring How did ur make ur iPhone Wallpaper or the one pictured in ur avatar?.. Its awesome

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    ^^ I'm gonna guess Photoshop. Secondly, I still would love anyone who has his Transparent icons to please post up!


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    He hasn't been around much lately. Good luck.


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    Um, I say get a server.
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