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Thread: Interview with iFlat creator Deckedsg

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    Default Interview with iFlat creator Deckedsg
    I got in contact with Deckedsg and he was willing to do an small interview for iFans. Read on as to what he has to say.

    What would you like to be called?


    Do you have a website that people can visit?

    Yes, I do: iFlat 3 /// EVOLUTION by deckedesigns . I'm also working on a new version.

    Do you have a Twitter account?

    I sure do, @deckedsg.

    What theme(s) have you made?

    Iím likely best known for my iFlat© Series but I have others such as: TEKSE7EN, Accendo, Pinkii, and others which are all available through Cydia.

    Besides youíre themes, whatís your favorite?

    There are so many talented colleagues. Itís hard to choose though I really like VIP by FIF7Y, INZT3 by K.Nitsua & barsoverbeats, revi by Chris. There are more but the list would be too long

    How long have you been interested in graphic design?

    Since I was a kid. Itís always interested me. Iím a visual person.

    Do you theme any other platforms other than iOS?

    No, not at the moment.

    What program(s) do you use to design with?

    I mainly use Adobe Photoshop CS5 but sometimes I use Illustrator also by Adobe.

    What got you interested in theming iOS?

    When the iPhone first came out there werenít very many choices and ever the non-conformist I took matters into my own hands. I love soccer and my favorite player is Ronaldinho so I wanted a theme related to him, I learned how to theme and found a hobby that I love to do and I haven't stopped since.

    Whatís your favorite thing about developing themes for iOS?

    Decidedly the challenge of coming up with some new and different that will render positive feedback from my supporters (and sometimes critics). After all, it's for my supporters that I do this. Knowing others enjoy my work makes me happy.

    Whatís your least favorite thing about developing themes for iOS?

    Finding images Apple replaces and renames after each update. It gets pretty frustrating -.-

    What do you do when you arenít designing themes?

    Above all things, my family, they are what keep me motivated and they are what bring me the most joy. I also play soccer and enjoy watching movies.

    Do you have any upcoming themes?

    Yes! Iím busting at the seams Iím so excited! I have 2 but I can't talk about them just yet. Follow me on Twitter for the latest info on these. I'm pretty sure you guys are going to LOVE them!

    What's your take on Steve Jobs, stepping down as CEO of Apple?

    There's a lot of speculation as to his reasoning but I feel that some decisions, though unfortunate, are necessary. Of course it saddens me that we've come to an end of an era because let's face it, Steve Jobs is a pioneer. But I'm not at all worried about the future of Apple as Mr. Jobs has established a top notch operation.

    You can also get a FREE wristband. Just contact him by email at [email protected]

    I had no idea where to post this so it goes here. :P
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    Nice interview!

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