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Thread: 3rd annivesary of my joining of MMi and Farewell

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    Cadi we said that too and he didn't care lol

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    Can you delete your own account here?
    PS3 ID : glassJAw624 : add it

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    super mods can

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    I am not sure i know i cant delete his tho

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    Superbad Modder-ator Simon's Avatar
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    No we can't. We can ban you but not delete your account.

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    huh?! just checked yeah super mods cant delete just ban

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    Ooooh, well why not put him out of his misery?

    Edit: typed to late
    PS3 ID : glassJAw624 : add it

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    I agree with simon

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    Life (and forums) are what ya make of it. Ya want it better then make it better. Ya gotta do your own thing in life and ignore those who bring things down. Lead by example! Awesome-whatever, ya said trolls were a problem and went out like a troll shooting for an emotional response. HA! What joke!

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    To say this kindly.... the internet is the internet... when one gets on it one has to know that its a crazy world out here at times and one should never take things serious. There are crazy, nutty, trolls and you name it out here... however no matter how it is you can always get something positive out of it.

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    Bye man...We are all gonna miss you...
    yea, your reasons listed are the reasons i am becoming more and more inactive actually. i almost never post in anything but chit chat now.
    Seriously, you are one of the awesomest people here and we are gonna miss you...

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    Quote Originally Posted by awesomeSlayer View Post
    However, I don't appreciate whoever change my avatar without my consent. It kinda shows that you guys really hate me and I shouldn't come back.

    Wow, really? It's called having fun with ya to lighten your mood. If we hated ya we would just ignore you and not care if you left.

    As for the first comments; we try to catch those as quick as we can. You will find those on any forum and in fact you will find most stay up there and are not removed. If you don't like seeing the "first" comments then better stick to websites that don't have any way to post comments; or pretty much all the internet.

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