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Thread: Which Phone is better???

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    Quote Originally Posted by iPhone1118 View Post
    three words ... Nintendo Entertainment System
    You could put a NES rom on the N95. But who the hell would want to hack an N95??
    if you think the iphone can't fun NESapp 100% they N95 will lag the brains out of you.

    Oh, and my friend has had the N95 for about 4 months, and its the biggest lagg machine ever.
    Your RAM gets crippled if you use to many simultaneous applications.

    and if your running 2 or more applications, forget about running your camera. It'll crash on you, freeze your phone, and cripple your ram for life.

    Nokia makes firmwares for phones that cant handle them. (greatest example: N73). - Easily create your own Cydia Repo.

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    The only reason I bought the iPhone is because Nokia pushed back (yet again) the release of the 2nd generation E90 Communicator. As soon as I get my hands on an E90, I'm shelving the iphone, or I may use it for a spare number.

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    64-3 =]]]
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    It's an iPhone forum. What the hell kind of an outcome did you expect? :lol:

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    //point taken =/
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    I think as a PHONE they both suck. When you buy something you intend it to do the purpose of it's name. So let's look at the phone aspects of the iPhone and the N95.

    First a phone should be ergonomic so when you pick it up it is easy to handle. Both of these phones are literally bricks. You're wrapping your hands around a completely flat, wide, tall piece of plastic.

    Secondly a phone should curve so it wraps from your ear to your mouth, like any flip phone on the market. This serves two purposes. 1) it gives better ability to hear and talk. Your head is not flat, one of the two ends can't be where it should be. How do we fix that? We stick a better mic in there......great now even with noise filters we have a lot of background noise in a noisy environment.
    2) it is impossible to be doing something with your hands and grab the phone, stick it to your ear, and hold it with your shoulder. You'll break your neck. The speakerphone sucks so most people won't use it in an environment with any real noise. The vast majority of users do not own any type of bluetooth headsets, or do not want a piece of plastic stuck in their ears like a robot all day waiting on a phone call. Look around for a head count. The truth is all around you. There are several thin phones like the razor that flip open and curve while still giving you the ability to hold them with your shoulder if you happen to be too busy to release a hand at the time. Bricks do not make good phones.

    Thirdly, Did I mention that the earphone and speakerphone SUCK on both of these models? I have to give it to the N95 in a comparison however between the two speakers.

    Fourthly, the N95 does not have the problem of the iPhone which is the obvious "hell and high water" that one has to go through to just hook the damn thing up and get talking. Special plans, computer only activation, updates that may render your phone useless after you dropped 4 to 6 bones of your hard earned money on it. Not to mention I NEED my phone. I run a business I have important calls I must get and send each day. If apple releases an update that kills my phone and it is completely unmodded (speaking for the mass majority of iPhone owners) there would be an endless fury blowing through the apple store the day that happens. Oh wait, it already happened to several people.

    I know... they are the two most technologically advanced PDA phones on the market...... I know. That's what they do best. They are PDA's. I think these two companies just happened to decide that if they stuck a phone in their PDA people would ignore the fact that as a PHONE they suck. .........They were right.

    If I wanted a phone I'd go to ebay and spend $50 on a Sanyo RL7300. Loud speakerphone, rubber cushioned edges, can sync to a computer for contacts, etc... flip phone so it is ergonomically correct, and the rubber edges actually have FINGER GRIPS built in to them. Phone was reviewed and rated the strongest phone on the market for impact resistance and reliability. After reading the reviews on it's bullet proof design I went out and bought one right when they were released..... 3 yrs ago. Best PHONE I have ever owned so in short.... the reviewers were right. I've dropped it off the top of a house before. It has 1/4 in thick quad hinges that can take nearly any abuse.

    Where does that leave the N95 and iPhone? Where they should have been left all along..... as the best damn pocket PDA's on the market. That's why my phone doesn't have a sim in it.

    Between the two I obviously choose the iPhone. It's worlds ahead of the N95 in the PDA aspect with it's features and browser. I LOVE my iPhone....... er..... iPDA.

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    your asking a biased forum im actually quite surprised there were 5 votes for the n95

    My parents didn't pay for my iPhone.
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    are you stupid? asking this on a site called
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    Buy the phone that best fits your needs.....
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    The Iphone is at best OK. BUT i hate itunes which is a piece of crap that apple pushes on everybody,so they can control the phone and use as a selling tool to sell you more stuff.

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    iphone rocks!!!

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    can someone please help me with my iphone i was usin jailbreak and now my screen goes off and on and my pc dont see my iphone or itunes, i need to kno what can i do about? please someone help me out here. thanks all

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    Quote Originally Posted by StrictlyBusiness View Post
    Hrmm just wondering because I was interested in purchasing one of these phones too (kinda spendy though)



    Nokia N95

    What do you guys think?
    The better phone is the one that does what you want it to do. It's totally a matter of personal perspective.

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    well, being an iphone owner since its release who has no experience with the Nokia line of phones, this may make my opinion inapplicable, but for what its worth, I have to just say that the audio output (both earpiece and especially speakerphone) of the iphone leaves so much to be desired.

    It is almost offensive how low the output is...for me it has me holding the following view whenever anyone asks me about the iphone when they see it at a restaraunt or somewhere randomly in public:

    The iphone is a wonderful toy, it is not so great of a tool. Don't get me wrong, it is a great deal of fun to be able to modify all the interface elements and such things as comprise all the different subsections of this very site....I love spending time tinkering with this little technological wonder...and the picture viewing interface is awesome using multitouch. On the other hand, if you are a professional and need a phone to be used primarily as a tool of your trade...I think this is a poor choice.

    This dichotomy has driven me to carry now two phones...the iphone (since I've become an addict to tinkering with all the fun stuff), but also I've re-connected my Treo thru Verizon and have begun the frustrating process of having to have people update my best contact number back to the Verizon phone. ** Just extra $.02 : Verizon blows the doors off of AT&T service...period.

    Sorry that I don't have a comparison with the Nokia line, but this is pertinent information nonetheless, IMO.

    Have a great day and good luck with making a purchase decision. I'm certain you won't be UNHAPPY with either handset...they each boast a wide range of cool features.


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    Uhh Hello were on an iPhone site
    MyPhone is better than yours

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    n95!? are you kidding me? are you even allowed to put those two together in comparision? lol thats like saying which is better ohio state or the new england patriots.

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    Quote Originally Posted by arthursdomain View Post
    n95!? are you kidding me? are you even allowed to put those two together in comparision? lol thats like saying which is better ohio state or the new england patriots.'s not. N95, has MORE features but the features themselves lack personal appeal. So the iPhone has less features (w/o apps) but is superior at making them look gorgeous and easy to use.

    It's an easy comparison, but it's up to a personal opinion for which is better.

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    I have both...iPhone wins

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    n95 has more features i guess, but the iphone is sexier

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    Yes definetly the iphone is better and all the deabte about the gps and **** I had an n95 before my iphone and its quite irrelevant once you compare it to an apple iphone

    p.d. nice youtube post fight dash-2

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