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Thread: Apps That Make it Worth Not Switching to 1.1.1

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    Default Apps That Make it Worth Not Switching to 1.1.1
    Mobile Money my most heavily used App Ever Since it's entered my life I've always been balanced Yin & Yang, kick out a Quicken QiF File and upload it to mobile Money using Mobile Sync and whola your balance account balance and transactions are all uploaded to you Iphone. Dope, I use to have problems always knowing my account balance or always had to call or get online to get my balance when in a crunch, but with this you can sync in the morning then every transication you do doing the day just add it to get your balance, now you have time for other things like fun or maybe sketches.

    Oh Yea I found if you sync with mobile money sync and the step 1 fields read there are 0 accounts 0 transications you can convert it with quicken 2007 resave as a Qif file and then upload it with mobile sync.

    Please List Apps that you couldn't live with out in this list and how you use them or unique uses for them.
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    Installer for installing my other apps...
    and Mobile Finder so I can navigate to my other apps... =)

    And you can't forget NES, probably my most used app. Although the fact that it was one of the first 3rd party apps helps a lot in that department..

    Oh, and the combination of Customize and SummerBoard gives us complete theme control over our phones, so as a themer I can't leave these two out either!

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    Customize, Summerboard
    LockBox (thankfully something like this is finally out)
    Mobile ToDoList
    Games.. iBlackjack, Lights Out, Sudoku, Mines, 5 Dice

    i wont be upgrading for a while..
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    yea I'm waiting to try lockbox I'm a little concerned about the security unless someone can give some more info on it, until then I'll wait has anyone gotten firewalltool to work, and I forgot about the finder the most underated app on the phone and it's all in one launcher editor etc... what's up with the new sync menu in the editor what is it for, also that finder needs a search engine, and we need a way to somehow have some type of tree hierarchy on this site to understand where files are going not in the phone but maybe on this site as far as where the files and folders are going for certin apps go i know this stuff is already on the site but it's somewhat scattered.

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    Send File

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    summerboard, rss,apolloIM,finder,sketches,vnotes,xlaunch,rsbt,c ustomize,installer,stumbler,bsd subsystem,openSSH,Erica's Utilities

    These are these are my basic, I try others off and on but I try to leave some free room on the partition.
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