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Thread: mmi supporting scam ads?! wtf???

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    Default mmi supporting scam ads?! wtf???
    I know they need to make money here, but does anyone actually pay attention to the ads they have sponsored on here?! I just saw one that's a complete scam. wtf?

    Here's the screen of the ad. The girl in the ad looks like a news Anchor and it seems legit, however look at the link below. SAME GIRL FOR ACAI BERRY KNOWN SCAM AD! C'mon mmi, don't support scam ads.

    Hmm, real news? Um no. Real scammers!

    Look here: News 8 Reporter - Diet Trends: A look at America's Top Diets

    Yeah, same chic, different scam. Funny huh.
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    Your an ignorant moron!

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    That ad wasn't suppose to be there.

    That's why AdBlock Plus comes in handy.

    And wrong section.
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    the ads support us we don't support them. and no, no one goes through tens of thousands of possible ads and individually approves them. stop whining like a drama queen.

    oh, and learn to post in the correct section while you're being a drama queen or gtfo

    btw. your posts are all useless with dramatic hostile arguing for no reason, so it looks like we're supporting members that enjoy making the site unpleasant for the sake of their e-ps, i should "stop supporting" them while I'm browsing through 50k ads to choose which ones not to "support"

    and while I'm reading your garbage posts, let me take a page out of your book. I have an option for you:

    It's Its metallic design may or may not suck up ads you don't like while you're crying about this, but just think about how cool you'll look now while you're pounding your hands on your keyboard attempting to be the worlds #1 internet smartass!

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    telling it like it is................

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