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Thread: Using unlocked iPhone in Germany?

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    Default Using unlocked iPhone in Germany?
    Hi All -

    A friend is traveling to Germany in a week or so and wanted to know if he unlocked his iPhone (or rather, I unlocked it for him), can he use it there? He's an AT&T customer, though he does have a T-mobile account and could probably go get a SIM card from T-mobile (here in the states) before he leaves.

    The key thing for him would be data, being able to use Google maps, etc., to get around. Is this possible? I'm not sure how to advise him.

    Thanks in advance!


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    Yup, follow the unlock guide in the Guides section.

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    If he is going to use it in Germany, get him to buy a T-Mobile Prepaid sim when he arrives (Assuming you have unlocked the iphone)

    The Data rates for roaming overseas are really high its a lot cheaper to use a local sim in the country you are visiting

    For example in the UK T-Mobile charge £1UK = $2.00 US for Unlimited Edge/GPRS Data usage per day on Prepaid accounts,

    But if I use my UK T-Mobile Prepaid Sim in Germany they charge 5p = US 10Cents per Kilobyte!!! of data.

    If you buy a prepaid T-Mobile Germany sim (You get the sim free when you credit 10 euros to it), the Edge/GPRS Data costs just 2 Euros a day for unlimited use whilst in Germany

    All the Euro countries are a rip off and charge you much more when you move on the next country (Often less than moving state to state in the US)

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