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Thread: Google Maps

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    Default Google Maps

    Is Google Maps accessed by The internet (Wifi and through EDGE)

    Or are the maps Loaded on the phone.

    I really dont want to wast my (Pay as you go) Credit on stupid maps using edge.


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    They can be accessed on wifi or edge, they are not stored on your phone.
    It's counts as data (internet).

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    quick question about google maps on the iphone (sorry to threadjack) but how good is it in terms of displaying the traffic on the roads to your destination?

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    very good, it shows live traffic.
    so green is less traffic, red is heavy traffic. (just push the little car button)
    and it maps out all the turns and stuff ...
    Best Regards

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    Default Update Google Maps sources
    Is there any way to update the google source for the mobile app?

    Latin America has recently appeared on , but it doesn't show up on the iPhone.

    I've tested it on the BlackBerry app and it doesn't show up either.

    I guess there's a specific source for mobile devices, but I thought maybe this can be updated (or pulled from other source).

    Hope someone has an clue on this... Maps app doesn't make that much sense when your country is not registered

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