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Thread: iPhone spotted on "Journeyman"

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    Default iPhone spotted on "Journeyman"
    Anyone else see it on tv tonite? Pretty cool seeing the phone on tv.

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    You see The Simpsons last night? Mr. Smithers and Mr. Burns were in the mall, and the overhead speaker was saying "iPhone's two cents now!" haha

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    I missed it... I wonder if it was intentional product placement?
    I've heard most shows could run off just that money alone... like no need for commercials. I think the show 'Alias' did it once with Nokia phones or something?

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    Well, they never showed the logo. And when i saw the back of the phone, it looked like the knockoff iphone from China, or something along those lines. Maybe a different phone from the back shot.

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    barney on how I meet your mother also had an iPhone

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    I'm thinking he had some sort of case on it. When it showed the button up close there was a plastic piece that came up around it like some of the cases do. It did look funny from behind, which also makes me think it was a case. The UI was definitely iPhone though!

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    It's the same case they used when they were testing the iPhone in public. But forget the iPhone, that season premiere was AWESOME. Great ending that has me hooked on this show.

    Any show with Lucius Vorenus is bound to be awesome.

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    Yeah, the show was pretty kick! Cant wait for the next episode.

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    the funniest Sh*t is...
    at one point of the show, they showed the iphone with no service on the screen and on the top of the screen you see the home button instead of the ear reciever.

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    Ha, yeah i noticed that too...

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    yes it was the iphone but i do believe the back views for the most part was a blackjack, there was one back shot that his finger went at an angle to cover the logo and it was the iphone no mistaking that part

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    My parents were just watching this and pointed it out to me. Talk about Photoshop!

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