Hi guys,

I was doing fine and dandy with my Napster subscription. I would download the DRM encrypted songs, run them through a DRM de-crypter, and load them into iTunes. So I wasn't stealing I was just removing the DRM without authorization... I can live with that.

Napster has since gone to a "streaming" only site and I am bummed! Now they do have this "Napster To Go" stuff where you can upload songs to a Napster compatible device (Apple not included!).

What I want to know is: Can I run the same sorta de-encryption scheme I had going before - Only, I would have to upload songs to the Napster portable device first, then transfer the songs to my hd, and then remove the DRM.

Is that possible? What format do they use for Napster to go?



ps: Do not write in this thread and tell me to use demonoid, darkside (torrents), limewire, or any other illegal download client. Only post in this thread if you have something constructive and on topic to say.